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My ex boyfriend and I are joint owners to a car. The car is

Customer Question

My ex boyfriend and I are joint owners to a car. The car is mine and I am the only one who drives it. It will be hard to refinance to get his name off the car because the payments will be high for me and I only have 2 yrs left to pay on the vehicle. My car is now due for renewal of regristrations but I am not able to renew b/c my ex is primary on the title and he needs an SR-22 in which the DMV does not have on file for him. He has not responded to my emails and voicemails he is making my life hell. What can I do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  attySince1978 replied 8 years ago.
From what you tell me, you and your X are joint owners of a vehicle in which you make all the payments and you are the only one who drives it. He has a joint share of your automobile because he got the financing for you because you could not qualify based upon your credit. Your X, however, really has no interest in the vehicle other than his name on the title which is for convenience sake.

The problem is that you are unable to renew register the vehicle because your X is the primary on the title.

One solution that you have is to register the vehicle in the person's name who it was registered to last year. I asume that it was in X's name. You can continue to use his name to register the vehicle for the next 2 years until the auto is paid off by you.
When it is paid off, the title holder will remove their lien and make the title in X's name.
For nominal consideration you can remove X and add your name as title holder.

This is one possible way for you to proceed and it may be the best way given the facts of your case.
Another way is to talk to the lienholder and explain your circumstances to them.
You have actually purchased the vehicle from X and you are, and have been, making all the payments on the vehicle. Ask them if they can remove his name from title and add yours. They will probably suggest a joint title. With joint title you should be able to register the vehicle in your name. Please talk to the financing company about that arrangement to see if they will go along with it. I have been involved in other cases where the joint title remedy was to best way to proceed.

Perhaps you have a local attorney that you can run these questions accross to obtain additional options for resolution of this problem.
Please accept this answer. You can contact me at AttySince1978 if you have additional questions that you would like to ask.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We are both on the title. He is primary and I am the co-signer. The vehicle was primarily for me so after the break-up I kept the car. The problem is that I am unable to renew the registration at all b/c the DMV does not have an SR-22 on file for him. He needs to supply that to the DMV before I can renew. He is a very mean and vindictive person and I know he is not contacting the DMV just to make sure I get nowhere with the car. I have another problem with him as well and I don't know if you are even able to help me. I think I'm just ultimately screwed.
Expert:  attySince1978 replied 8 years ago.
If possible, why don't you complete the SR-22 for him and then drop by his house to put the document in front of his face and tell him he is required to sign it, otherwise the car will not be registered. Since his name is XXXXX XXXXX registration any tickets on the vehicle will go directly to him including an expired registration. This can become very expensive for him after which the vehicle can be towed for failure to renew registration and pay of tickets.

Let me know what your new questions are and I will provide you with an expert opinion.