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John A. Flynn, Esq.
John A. Flynn, Esq., Attorney
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If I have residence in Missouri, but my boat that I wish to

Customer Question

If I have residence in Missouri, but my boat that I wish to claim possession of either by affadavit for possession or replevin order to regain my property is located at a Lake marina in Kansas. Across state lines would I just get an order from the county where the property is located? How can I get this replevin done today or tomorrow or ASAP by getting a judge to sign due to urgency?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  John A. Flynn, Esq. replied 8 years ago.

You almost certainly cannot get it done today, especially on a holiday. However, you need to find an attorney in the county where the property is located (or a nearby county if have no luck finding one in the county) who specializes in civil litigation or real property through Look for the attorneys with BV or AV ratings first. You should contact one of those attorneys (probably tomorrow morning) and see what they think about your possibilities of getting expedited emergency relief and explain your precise concerns to them. In certain instances, if a true emergency situation exists, Courts have procedures for granting relief quickly, however, a Kansas attorney will have to give you the specific details on that and handle the replevin action. Good Luck,


John Flynn


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