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injured at work /thougt could be fixed but now fine out it ...

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injured at work /thougt could be fixed but now fine out it is more serious/// spinal stenosis and tail bone injury/ did not go workmens comp.. injury occurred 4 months ago.. on complete disability now/ no lite duty etc..will file workmens comp this monday..should i get atty ?
Can you tell me please which state you live in?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will provide some basic guidence below, but I recommend you contact an attorney who has experience in this area based on what you have said

Disability Benefits Provided
Payments are made for temporary total disability (TTD) in an amount determined by a percentage of the worker's wage, subject to weekly maximum and minimum payment amounts. Payments may continue for up to 104 weeks or the point of maximum medical improvement, whichever occurs sooner. The 104 week period may be extended if spinal surgery is involved.

Injured At Work?
Wrongfully injured? Talk to an accident attorney for free.
Payments are made for permanent total disability (PTD) based upon a percentage of the worker's wage, subject to weekly minimum and maximum payment amounts. For injuries listed in the statute as constituting PDT, payments continue for life; otherwise payments for PTD continue for up to 401 weeks.

Payments for permanent partial disability (PPD) are made based upon a percentage of the worker's wage, subject to weekly minimum and maximum payment amounts. Payments for PPD may continue for up to 401 weeks.

Scheduled awards are paid in addition to total temporary disability benefits starting upon termination of the termination of the TTD benefits. Scheduled awards are reduced because of receipt of TTD benefits, by the number of weeks of TTD.

Benefits may be available for any disfigurement that will impair the future usefulness or occupational opportunities of the injured employee.

Physical and vocational rehabilitation benefits are available.

With certain constraints and filing deadlines, occupational hearing losses may be compensable.

The reason I recommend an attorney is it sounds like you have an injury that could fall into PPD or PTD above...i suspect the insurance company will not want to acknowledge this...if they do not, then you will need a good lawyer...if they do, congrats you saved %25 which is what the lawyers get in TX for this (yes, it comes out of your cut)

Please let me know if you have questions else please hit the green button, its the only way i get paid
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