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I had a car accident in Houston.My trial is August ...

Resolved Question:

I had a car accident in Houston.My trial is August 11Th 2008. Because I am living in Hawaii n my fiancial situation can''t afford for the trip.i request to my lawyer to expend the date of trial a week ago with many phone calls. She told me she is not sure if it is possible oor not. She force to take the money on the table which is don''t make no sense at all. She didn''t reperesent my case very unfairly.I need to find out if I can talk to the judge without the lawyer.What can I do for trial in this case?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.


First of all, nothing prohibits you from getting a new attorney or seeking the advice of another counsel. If you feel that your present attorney has not represented you well, the time to switch is now.

That said, it is oftentimes difficult to get a new court date; your attorney may request one, but getting it is not necessarily possible. Continuances are discretionary, and the court has the power to accept your request or deny it. Your attorney is correct in telling you that it might not be possible.

As for talking to the judge without a lawyer, this is not a realistic possibility. When you go in front of the judge, it is very unlikely that he or she will allow you to speak while you have an attorney---this is for your protection.

You should speak to your current attorney about what she has done and what she will do to get a continuance in your case; if you are not satisfied with her answer, or if you do not get a response, you should thereafter consider speaking with another attorney about substituting in for your current attorney.

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