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I live in Colorado and have won a Judgment in the United ...

Resolved Question:

I live in Colorado and have won a Judgment in the United States District Court, a civil action against someone who lives in Florida. My attorney says he is having a hard time finding any assets or anything for this person. He knows where he lives and everything. Can you make any suggestions on how to look and where to look?   Thank you XXXXX
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 9 years ago.


Are you doubting your attorney's experience or abilities?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jane T (LLC)'s Post: Yes I am. Since he is not giving me any reports on what he has done., He has giving me the court records., but that is all he has given me. I am not really sure what he has tried for me
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 9 years ago.


A client can request that an attorney provide them with full information regarding the investigations or other work done to accomplish something, such as locate assets of a party. Also, if an attorney does not act as a client would like or in a way a client is comfortable with the client can find a new attorney to take over the case and fire the old one.

As for searching for assets, sometimes this is a "tough" job. People can "hide" assets by putting them in the names of friends, relatives, or even putting them in trusts or other entities. Not all "assets" can be known because unless they are vehicles or real estate or some other special items there is no need to "register" them with a state or county government. Normally, an attorney needs to interview a party and check all kinds of state and county records, DMV, tax records, etc., to see what turns up. It can take a long time.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The thing about firing my attorney. I have paid my attorney 30K for this., so starting over seems like I will be losing more money. I just wanted to see what I can Demand my attorney to show me. I keep asking him but he still only gives me court records., nothing else. So can I Demand my attorney to give me the info he has done?????
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 9 years ago.


A client who works with an attorney is, in many ways, no different from any relationship a client has with any other professional. An attorney works for a client and a client may normally ask an attorney to provide fully detailed billing reports and reports of all activities tried or performed on a client's case. If you want more than what your attorney is providing you, you can certainly ask for further explanation or detail and can even ask specifically for what you want. Also, under most state's ethics rules (which attorneys are required to follow), when a client fires an attorney, the attorney must provide all client materials and files to either the client or a new attorney hired by the client. This often allows a new attorney to just pick up where the other attorney left off, with only some time spent to acquaint himself or herself with the case.

Because a client is normally to be billed only for work done by an attorney, a client can require to know exactly what work was done for the charges they are billed. Also, billing is a matter which state ethics committees have rules about, such as, again, only billing for work done and providing clients a report of work done. If a client ibelieves their attorney is not acting properly regarding the work being done for them or the billing procedures, the client may also want to discuss the matter with the attorney disciplinary board or commission of their state to see if they can be helped with the attorney. To learn more about these attorney ethical standards (which attorneys are required to obey) and to discuss your situation with them, you can contact the Colorado Supreme Court Office of the Disciplinary Counsel at