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My final divorce is this coming Friday, 7th of March - ...

Resolved Question:

My final divorce is this coming Friday, 7th of March - Bowling Green KY. My attorney tells me "neither party does not have to be present for this".   Is this true? It seems like a Judge is over an attorney and could postpone the final divorce if at least ONE is not present to answer any questions she (female Judge. known for hating men) should have. I filed for the divorce on adultery/desertion. Both of us are scheduled to work that day but I will take time off to be at the courthouse if you feel it's necessary (my soon-to-be "X" lives 70 miles away, in Hopkinsville). I do not want a postponement just because 'one' party fails to not show. Friends I've talked to say they can't imagine my attorney (Coleman) saying "neither of us have to be present at the courthouse for the final decree."
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Justice For All replied 9 years ago.

If there are any disputes associated with the divorce still, then yes, you will need to be present. If you have agreed on everything and submitted affidavits stating that you agreed on everything, then only your attorneys as representatives would have to be there. If you have not submitted any affidavits, the judge may want to question the petitioner of the divorce.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
There was an anonymous letter mailed to this female Judge - don't know from whom (think it may be one of her 9 other siblings - stating "infidelity on Amy K's part but it's sad that because of the money/greed to avoid child support she is taking one child.... these two children have been separated......". Could this anonymous letter to the Judge (registered at the courthouse along with the divorce decree) be a delay if I'm not there Friday?
Expert:  Justice For All replied 9 years ago.

Yes. If there are any questions that they judge may have and you are not there to answer them, then the divorce decree could be delayed.

I would suggest being there if you have any doubts. If the judge has questions and you aren't there, he will continue the hearing and not issue the decree until she has had a chance to ask you any questions she might have.



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