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I am thinking of moving to Normal Illinois. Is it ...

Resolved Question:

I am thinking of moving to Normal Illinois. Is it expensive to live there?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Justice For All replied 9 years ago.

Here is a website that might help you in your move:

The median household income there is $40,379 with income per capita being $17, 775. Compared to other cities in Illinois, Normal is relatively inexpensive. It is basically a prarie type town.

For more city statistics that might help you in deciding whether or not to move here, please visit the link below.

Sales taxes, utility taxes, property taxes, and state-distributed income taxes are leading components of the town's diverse budgetary revenue stream. The limited dependence on property taxes allows the town to maintain tax rates that are among the lowest of central Illinois cities.

Since 1994, the town's property values have increased 5.5% annually. Although the town's median household income approximates national levels, estimated nonstudent median household income is 132% of the state average. Unemployment rates have been consistently below state and national averages.

Good luck on your move!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Justice For All's Post: Hi, This was not my question. I asked a question regarding my parents will. My mother died recently. She & my stepdad had a house together, land, etc. She said their will specified that upon one of their deaths, the living spouse would receive everything until they passed and my mother's children and my stepfather's children would split the remains. They did this to avoid any disputes and now my stepdad says all is going to his daughters upon his death. Is this true. Vicki (in Texas)
Expert:  Justice For All replied 9 years ago.

I was merely answering your question that was listed above.

If they had reciprocal wills stating that upon their deaths, everything would go to both sets of children, then he would not be able to change this after her death.

If he does, you will simply need to file a petition to contest with the courts upon his death and show them proof of your mother's will. The court will then adjust the estate so that it is divided between both sets of children.

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