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I am in the process of trying to pay off a default ...

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I am in the process of trying to pay off a default judgment. I will have the money to settle in the next two weeks, However, how do i go about making sure i word everything correctly when dealing with the debt collectors lawyers? They have send me an Interragatories letter but stated if i paid the amount i wouldn't have to answer. I want to make sure that paying this judgment will reflect on my credit and that no more legal problems will occur after it is paid. I want to also make sure they dont try to do any kind of bank levi or liens ect. I am going to call and tell them i will pay it on such and such a date, but would like for them (or myself if i have to) to send me an agreement so all of this can be put to an end. Is there a paper that needs to be signed or sent to the court house that it was collected and the collecter can no longer come after me for it?

Dear dbaldwin - What you need is a Satisfaction and Release of Judgment from the creditor. I would get a letter from the attorney stating that upon payment of the agreed amount they will prepare and file a Satisfaction and Release of Judgment on your case. If they fail to act after you pay then you can make a motion to the court to have the judgment released and use a copy of their letter along with your receipt of payment as evidence.

Once your Release of Judgment has been filed with the court then you can get certified copies of the Release and send them to the various credit bureaus. The judgment will still show on the credit report but it should reflect that it has been paid an released. Make certain that you get something in writing and not just a promise over the phone.

The Release of the Judgment will then prevent anyone from any further collection activities on that judgment.

David Kennett - JD - Attorney at Law

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