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What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse ...

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What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse on a child in tenn? MY x husband molested my daughter when she was a child she told me later and now I know where he is and want to press charges.


How long ago did this happen?

What was the age of the child then and the age of the child now?

What state did this happen in?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The incendents occured in Madison ,Tenn the child was 3 and went on til she was 4. I left the acused when my daughter was 4. I was not told about the sexual abuse til the child was 12. Then I didn't know how to find the acused.My daughter is 38 now.


Tennessee has no statue of limitations on child sexual abuse. The biggest issue here is proving this occurred since so much time has passed all the evidence of the case is gone, and the memory's of a 3 year old tend to disappear over the years.

This is not to say you should not the end your daughter should try to push this and file charges. I would advise her to go to the police and report this asap. You can go with her and help her since some of the information they may need she will not know.

I wish you the best with this terrible situation. I also wish to apologize about the wait time on your answer.......since this is New Years Day we have less experts on line today so the wait time is a little longer then normal.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
She is now in Fla and I am in Ky.Where should we go to police ky fla or tenn.


She can file charges in Florida but may be required to pursue this in Tennessee since Florida does have a statue of limitations on Child Molestation and the incident occurred in Tennessee.


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