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i have had a rhino horn in my family for over 40 yrs ...

Resolved Question:

i have had a rhino horn in my family for over 40 yrs long before the embargo.....i want to sell it to a private buyer and i have been told that it is legal to do....can you help...thanks
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dan replied 9 years ago.

I was unable to locate language to verify that the horn may be sold. I ran across numerous references to the fact that commercial trade in rhino horn is banned, as if the importing of products with rhino horn in them. By process of elimination, nothing I found said you can't sell a horn that predates the ban.

However, I did also run across this very interesting web article: Rhino horn expected to fetch thousands:
"A RHINO horn is set to go under the hammer at an auction in Willingham.
The 26in rhino horn, which is said to be worth more than its weight in gold in the Far East where it is used as an aphrodisiac, is being sold on Saturday.
The horn is an antique, collected long before the strict rules of sale were laid down in 1985. It was inherited by a local man from a relative who had kept it under the stairs for years.
But Stephen Drake, owner of Willingham Auctions, said the 9lb piece was worth thousands, and is the first to go on sale in our area for decades.
"It's very unusual, and it's quite a big horn," he said.
"There are regulations to protect Rhinos from poachers, which is all to the good, but this is a vintage one from years ago.
"Some are carved into ornaments, others as Chinese ceremonial cups, dagger handles in the Yemen, and as an aphrodisiac in the East.
"It is valued in the thousands it's said to be worth its weight in gold, and if this one was nine carat gold it would go for 14,000."
The sale is taking place at Willingham Auctions, in High Street, Willingham, on Saturday at 10am.:

I take two things from this: one is that if the sale of vintage rhino were banned, this sale would have been banned (although this took place at Cambridge in the UK, we likely have the same law on our books in this regard), and secondly, don't underprice your horn! Depending on what you were being offered, it might be wise to contact the auction house and ask what it would cost to have them sells your for you. (Shipping overseas could be an issue, but they would know how to deal with that.) Just a thought.

I hope this has helped. Let me know if you have any followup questions. If none, please remember to click on the ACCEPT link so that I may receive credit for working on this topic with you. (I’d greatly appreciate it!)

Thank you,
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