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In the state of Arizona what are the towing laws as ...

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In the state of Arizona what are the towing laws as far as a homeowners association having my car towed right out of my own parking spot just because they are trying to get rid of me because I am a renter. I know years ago when a apartment complex had towed my car I went to the tow yard and they had to give me my car without me paying for it because it was illegal for them to tow it is that still true in arizona?

Did you call the police and alert them that your car was towed from your property?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes I called the police because I thought it was stolen at first they were the ones that told me it was towed because it was illegally parked but it wasn't it was in my assigned parking space

You need to contact your landlord and tell them what their HOA has done and yes Arizona if the car was towed illegally which it was you can get it back with no fees. If you pay anything I would obtain a lawyer and file civil suit against the HOA (your a renter and dont belong in their group so You can sue) for towing your car the fees if any,pain and suffering and for the mere aggrivation that you go through as a renter there. If you move you can sue them for the cost of the move and deposit on new place etc... Most attorneys will give free consultation.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
So when I go to the tow yard to get my car should I be taking the police with me? or what exactly do I say to them?
I would take the police with me or call and ask a officer to meet you there and have proof of residencey showing that you lived there and that you want your vehicle back since this was towed illegally.
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