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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, International HR Consultant
Category: Legal
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Experience:  GPHR cer BS, U.S.C. Pueblo; Immigration Law by Am. Mngmnt Association & USCIS Bus. Liaison ofc 1999
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what are the laws on encroachment in north carolina

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I have a problem with my driveway, a piece of the driveway was over the other property by a small triangle which the property isn't squared off. which the triangle was taken out . we went to closing that thursday signed the papers and so on then the usda came back that friday and said the driveway was not acceptable it was unsightly so me and the builder was going of possible solutions to the driveway situation and nothing is phessable but to put the triangle back and seperate it with a quarter of a inch seperation between the actual driveway and the triangle so the triangle actually won't be tying the proprty's together is this smart or will they still not close out the loan it's the only possible solution at this moment any help will be appreciated (pro bono)[email protected]
Please confirm that USDA stands for US Department of AGriculture, who I have no idea why they are involved in a driveway.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Ed Johnson's Post: it is the united states of agriculture but the rural development side so i ask you if the solution i came up with is phessable i just think they are a bunch of jerks shouldn't this concerns and problems came before the papers wher signed if it is error on thier part why are they making me suffer iall i want is to get in my home is the driveway solution phesssable

Dear antbug,

This is preposterous. I am flabergasted, that someone would not pass a property and ok it for close because of think it is unsightly, when it meets code.

As a matter of law, he has to fail the inspection for matters related to law and code, not to his personal judgment about the esthetics of the driveway. Ok, the drive way is ugly, but it meets code.

None the less, I am familiar with the "good ole boy" attitudes in NC of state and especially locall officials in your town. (I was stationed in Ft. Bragg with Special Forces for a nubmer of years, and spent a lot of time in the hills of the Natioal forest and other places).

I believe your solution should work. I would use a piece of expansion joint in the quarter inch slot.

It almost seems it would have been easier in the beginning to have gotten an easement or signed an encroachment agreement with your neighbor.

You can pour a new corner piece that falls short of the other property. That might be more esthetically beautiful. (not the whole driveway, just the corner).

You already signed the closing documents. if you already signed the closing documents, it is a moot point. So you are really just trying to get this guy off your back untiil you get the occupancy certificate and can move in.




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