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Dr_Kitty, Goat and llama Vet
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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3 weeks ago we purchased a wether goat. it was found in a

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3 weeks ago we purchased a wether goat. it was found in a pastor and missed by the producer. so it never ate feed. we took it to get de horned the next day. we got it home and eat got diarrehea and it never stopped. the vet gave it antibiotics and penicilian and something called Markee. the diarrhea has dried up and the goat wants to eat grass but wont eat alfalfa or feed. wont even eat sweet feed. it seems as if it wants to be in a pastor. we bought the goat to be a show goat. we put it with another goat and it does not compete for food. How can i get this goat to eat the feed and receive the proper nutrients.

Actually about 70% of the goat's nutrition can be gotten by eating grass. Sweet feed and corn should be minimal, especially in a wether, to avoid bladder stones and possible urethral blockage. Also alfalfa can cause bladder stones so feed very little. I feed my goats about 90% forage and the rest pellets. For now, I would mix up some molasses with some pellets and offer it. The goat has had some recent stress With the move and dehorning so give him a little time. I also recommend the Dobbin's apple and oat treats to get them used to other foods. Goats love them. These should not be a large part of diet, however. You can lace retreats with a little molases and then transition over to pellets with molasses. Message me with other questions...

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