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Dr. Jill
Dr. Jill, Veterinarian
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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Experience:  6 years of veterinary experience with horses, domestic livestock, and camelids
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I have an old sheep with arthritic problems in her back legs.

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I have an old sheep with arthritic problems in her back legs. I took a urine sample and found that she is 9.0 PH on the scale - very alkaline. Is this too alkaline for a sheep considering that eats grass and lucerne?
How can I ease her pain?
Thank you,

Dr. Jill :

Hi, I'm Dr. Jill. Because of their diet, ruminants like sheep normally have alkaline urine. So I would not be concerned about a urine pH of's relatively normal. As for the arthritis, I presume this has been a progressive ongoing issue for a while? Is she still able to get up and down and walk around on her own? Any secondary issues such as foot infection, swellings on legs due to injury, cuts/scrapes, etc?

Dr. Jill :

For arthritis, maintaining movement and decreasing inflammation are some of the main management techniques. Aspirin is a medication that can be given to sheep to help with pain and inflammation. The maximum dose for sheep is 100mg per kg of body weight by mouth twice a day, though I wouldn't recommend using the full dose long term. You may want to try a full dose for a couple days to see if it helps and decrease the amount or give it intermittently to maintain her comfort level long term if it seems to help.

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