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Dr. MD Stafford
Dr. MD Stafford, Veterinarian
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Experience:  20 years mixed animal practice, fish health certified and experience with embryo transfer.
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My 11 week old Nigerian dwarf goat has diarrhea. It started

Customer Question

My 11 week old Nigerian dwarf goat has diarrhea. It started 6 days ago and I started him on pepto and probiotics since he had been with us less then a week. He looked better then broke with a lot of dripping runs. Took to vet, did a direct and fecal float and had significant cocci. Started on albon and continued with pepto and probiotics also gave injection of Banimine(sp). Two days later no improvement and now crying out when trying to poop. Vet switched to Corid and Tagamet and Maalox injected another dose of Banimine. 24 hours later he is still cyring to poop. Poop only has a little more form to it. Temp has been normal, tonite now 100.6. I have been keeping him hydrated (love warm water with splash of vinegar) and he still continues to eat, just less. He is now living in my house do to unpredictable weather we are having. I can tell he does not feel good. Both visits to vet said he heard normal sounds. Is there anything else I can do it is past nine now? How long does it normally take to get a hold on the cocci. The vet felt at the last visit..he would do o.k.....
but it seems like it is taking forever....
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. MD Stafford replied 7 years ago.

I recommend the use of ponazuril for coccidia in goats. Most of the coccidia we see are resistant to sulfas and amprolium (corid). Ask your vet if he has any, typically it only takes 2 to three doses to get rid of it totally. You also need a repeat fecal.