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i have a cow down she trys to get up but cant, she a older

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i have a cow down she trys to get up but cant, she a older cow ,but allways have good calfs,when she trys to get up her front legs move but her back legs move very little,i think she been down for 3 days or more, i dont think she going to get up but i like to no what is wrong with her so i can prevent it next time
There are typically 2 reasons this happens. It sounds like she has some calving paralysis. There are 2 major nerves that run on the inside of the pelvis that control the back legs. If the calf is large or has to be pulled, and pressure is placed on these nerves for a period of time, we get inflammation around the nerves that basically cuts off the connection. If it goes on long enough, the nerve can actually die. The best way to treat this is to start the cow on steroids and anti-inflammatories as soon as you see her down. Dextrose in the vein will give her some added energy as well to help encourage her along.

The other option would be milk fever, low blood calcium. However, this usually takes a little longer to show up. The cow typically lays in an "S" shape, with the head facing one direction and the hips in the opposite. This is treated with calcium solution in the vein, given slowly, as it can stop the heart if given too fast.

Good luck in the future, and don't give up on her yet. I've seen them get up after a week of treatment.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the cow dont look like she going to have a calf, she should be haveing a calf in a few months, i just took her calf off of her 2 months ago,she not laying in a s shape shes laying nomal
Often times we see early milk fever in breed cows that have been nursing calves. They lose a lot of calcium when nursing and can go down prior to calving. My suggestion would be to give her oral calcium paste such as CMPK gel, it's absobed much slower and is safer to give then the solution. You can give this twice daily, along with dextrose solution for energy. You can give 10 cc Banamine as well in order to make her feel better. Make sure she has access to fresh water and feed.
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