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Category: Landscaping
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I have what I believe to be a Fuerte Avocado tree. A few

Customer Question

I have what I believe to be a Fuerte Avocado tree. A few years ago, we had a severe windstorm that weakened or broke many branches and exposed alot of sunlight on the tree's trunk. Now the tree seems to be dying, and has developed a fungus at the base of the trunk. Is there anything that can be done to save it?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Landscaping
Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

Hi. Avocado can scorch when not used to get sun on an area. You then may see canker and white powery substance comming from the wound. This rarely kill the tree that said unless it is very major. It also tend to happen only on new area where bark have not develloped tickness yet.

Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

Right now you could use white paint to protect the trunk and the branches that get direct sunlight.

Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

The paint need to be white to reflect as much light away as possible. It does not need to be tick.

Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

I would need to see a picture of the tree to be sure, but if not that big, those tree respond well to pruning so you can cut it lower and let him build new (easier and faster than treating a sad upper part).

Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

They indeed reauire quite a lot of water. Perhaps a drip system would help or having a round of mulch around the base (not touching the trunk).

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