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Okay. So my friend took us in as we had no where to go, no

Customer Question

Okay. So my friend took us in as we had no where to go, no job, have our daughter, we make a little here and there doing odd jobs i have a few clients i do massage therapy with and he builds/repairs computers. We had a verbal agreement with our friend that we would pay half of rent, we payed half as we moved in, and the following month, our friend went to alabama to be with family his aunt had cancer. We decided to have him put us on the lease when he returned and if he happened to be down there at the beginning of the month he would send his portion to us so we could pay it. Days rolled by and ni word from him. The very day before the first if the month we had a brake down and spent an arm an leg on a tow truck and some repairs for our car. It came to pass the last day rent had to be in and friend called. Said he might stay in alabama. We was shocked he waited so long had it not been for the car we could have paid for the whole of rent ourselves. But we weren't on the lease.. And we couldn't take over the least it was against policy. Reminding our friend of this, he stated he took care of things and we would be okay to find a place for ourselves. Well its not easy we ended up renting storage last minute and if you would believe it we had absolutely no help from friends or family to use a truck. We shuttled our things little by little to the storage shed in our 99 murcury cougar. We didnt make it in time. The police removed us after we still had just about twi or three carloads left. Cops stated they wont wait while we grab the rest if it. Said it was up to the manager/landlord. We called three times s a day, were ensured that no one threw out any of the sealed boxes, but we were also told that a lot of stuff was thrown out. And anything under 50$worth was tossed. In which case everything they allowed us to come pick up was just half of my husbands computer parts, all laptop and desktop shells nothing that makes up the internal parts were kept. Ram, cpu chips and harddrives. We had clothes in boxes unsealed yes but then again we were told everything that was in or near boxes was put back in boxes or closed up and put into storage. Numerous boxes that were sealed were tossed out. And they claim to have not opened sealed boxes but for some reason one box that made it into our possession contained items that had been in the sealed boxes. According to them they never opened if they didnt how would d they know not to throw away what was inside them? Framed photos of my mother brother and i, the only one i possessed of my family. My husbands framed picture of him and his daughter. All of my files containing social security cards birthcertificates and all my familys most important records... I dont understand why anyone would throw all that away... My jewelry armoire my safe and lock box, i had an impressive e collection of nail Polish and expensive glass beads. Im native American, the beads are important to me some of them my grandmother's grandmother once owned, my husband had three leather jackets one given by hus kate grandfather and one by his parents. Along with three beaded eagle feathers, from a bald eagle, and i had an antique puzzle box with two eagle feathers inside them. Unbeaded plumes that meant so much to me as pertaining to my traditions and culture. Please us there something anything i can do? I have a feeling they didnt throw it all away... How could they? I dont have much money but i can raise it to find someone to defend me, my entire family is distraught. It really hurts my grandfather that my plumes might be gone...
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 7 months ago.

My name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today. Thank you for your question and for using Hold on for a bit and I will get you an answer for your question.

Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 7 months ago.

Even though you were not on the lease, there is a very good argument that you would still be considered a tenant under Washington law and would have to have been evicted by the landlord. The actual tenant on the lease would have to have been evicted in order for you to lose your claim even if the lease says that subtenants were not allowed. Further evidence that you were a tenant is if the landlord knew your were there and actually accepted rent from you. This was probably an unlawful eviction and you could sue the landlord for damages. The following statute should govern your property:

It basically says the landlord can then enter the unit and remove the tenant’s belongings, but they must hold them in storage and make an attempt to notify the tenant in writing. If the property is valued at less than $250, the landlord may throw away or sell the items (except personal papers, family pictures, and keepsakes) after 7 days from the notice of sale or disposal is mailed to the tenant. If the property is valued at above $250, the landlord may throw away or sell all the items after forty five days if the tenant doesn’t write to claim them.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and please positively rate my answer if satisfied. There should be smiley faces or numbers from 1-5 to choose from. This extra step will cost you nothing extra and will be greatly appreciated.

Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 7 months ago.

Just checking back in, do you have any further questions?

Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 6 months ago.

Just checking back in, do you have any further questions?

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