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The civil rights of the elderly,disabled,people of color and

Customer Question

The civil rights of the elderly,disabled,people of color and different nationalities and that of the blue collar worker has been occurring in the Prince Wm court system since 2010,giving those home and landlords only 30sec to 2.5 minutes to defend themselves against fraudulent documents and illegal auctioning of a portion of their homes and land by thieves in real estate,dirty lawyer all part of the largest fraud and Ricco scam by white collar professionals and those defenders supposedly of the law!!!! I am disgusted that the upper politicans in Va has watched and heard about this for years and as elected officials they never investigated the complaints,newspaper stories by the Ny Times in 2010 and the Washinton Post in 2014 ,they gave allowed it instead of stopping it and thus become part of the US Security fraud,Land and Home theft fraud,forgery and technical forgery and multiple counts of further felony and civil right and discrimatory actions at more than 4-10,000 people and families in the good old State of Va.!!!! Believe me Bob MacDonald was the tip and the ball was dropped!!! Snarky Craig D.Johnson absolutely refused a request for a Forensic analysis of my documents after 33 yrs all on file for public access and seen over a period of 5 yrs in Federal bankruptcy chpt 13 court,and also in the Pac as the liar and fraud was stated clearly that this cheat and liar was MY LANDLORD and I his TENANT and when I objected the Judge absolutely refuse documentation on and off the computer at his bench and fave total poccession of my home of 33 yrs to the thief plus only 10 days for this R.n. ,whom he knew was totally and permanently disabled to move $350,000. of my personal items of that over $70,000. was left behind due to space as others packed me and I sat paralyzed for days!!!Fannie,Mae refused to help since 2004,Chase was deeply involved in the theft as their contract with me has been fraudulent since 2004 and they have stolen over a quarter million from me besides all the lies and abuse in and out of court to myself and others. They also maybe involved with the Heroin from the middle east pouring into this country as I will report to my Dea friends whom I flipped over onevof the eastcoast bust of close friends in Baltimore years ago from SE Asia! ! I want a better society for our American families then a toxic ,immoral,unethical chaos we have now in our country ,on Tv ,in our classrooms,books,movies,within families!!!! It is insane and I do not like the society evaporating and disinegrating with no true home plate for safety. So Justice deptcyou are our true defenders in America at home!!!!
We need your help and care.
Sincerely,Karen R. Sae-OUY MacMillan R.n. @***-***-****
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 12 months ago.
Hi, I'm Heather, an attorney with 15 years experience. You are right that there are alot of problems with our society today. What was your question that you wanted answered?

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