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Thomas McJD
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First of all i need a true lawyer. That are a true believer

Customer Question

First of all i need a true lawyer. That are a true believer in finning out the truth. Were.can i start off from. It all started when me and my girlfriend and the kids was driving in the apt were we just had move at the apt call Madison woods apt in Jacksonville Florida. We all most got in a reck. with this taxi cab driver. So my girlfriend by her been in a reck before when she was young. She cuss and told the taxi cab driver. To watch were he was going. That's the first write up on us the maintaine man when in told the landlord. My girlfriend was cuss out the window of the car. The second write up was when i was walking. To the night. I heard some music coming out the woods were i live. At i was walking down the side walk . and the music was getting loud and louder. That's when i seen 2 guy's coming out the woods when i was cross the road i knew they.have been drinking. All night. Its was 1:00am in the morning. They start throwing. bottles. at me for no reason at all. I know they was drunk. The. 2 guy's that was in the woods. We I came back from the store i stop and talk. With the police that be in our apt. I reported. It was 2 guy's in the.woods they was throwing me he ask me did i stay out here in these apt. I told him yea my girlfriend. Do he ask what the apt.number. were she.stay.and I gave the police officer. The apt.number. and she got wrote. Up for that i have reported. To the police officer. That i stay. With her. So that was the second. Write up. Saying i was not on. Her lease. Three.write up. Is that the maintain acting if they all the police officer. Of the law.and the landlord she the police. Just want. To know my rights as a tenant. Renting a apt. They say im loitering when im. this green. Box. Or. Just. Outside. To smoke a CIG.i told the police officer. My girlfriend. And the kids. Can't. Be around CIG. Smoke. Doctor. Told her. That. So I go outside to smoke. A CIG.three. write up loitering. For been outside smoking. CIG.the 4 write. Up. These kids. That my kids. Go to with. They was fighting. My kids. Me and my girlfriend. And kids went. To fine out who. Was the kids. Parents. Was me and. My girlfriend talk with they parents. And. Then me and my girlfriend. And the kids. Went.walking back. To ill apt.were stay in the back of.the apt. It was a new. Lady the landlord had hired. And she cuss and. Telling my girlfriend. Kids. They better. Stop. messing with these kids. Round. Here in these.apt were we live at. That was the 4 wrote. Up i when. To talk to the landlord. That same day. She.send.a letter. Saying. I'm cussing and.cussing. at kids. I told the. Landlord. What. Was going on that. Day.she.told me out her. Own mouth. The landlord. She.was like I'm.glad you came. Up here to. Talk. To me she.said. the landlord. She. Was like. Because. If u didn't. Come to speak. With me. She.said.the landlord. She said.because. I was not going to renew y'all lease. When. It came. To renew ill lease. The Lady. Who.the landlord. Had. Doing. I'll application. She told. My.girlfriend. to come. Renew. my girlfriend. Didn't. Put me on.the lease. This. Time. And. The.lady.who.the.landlord. had doing. I'll apt.application. she.ask. my.girlfriend. is.she.sure.she.didn't. Want. To back.on.the lease. She.ask my.girlfriend. a second. Time. Did she
Want. To back. On my.girlfriend. ask her.why.she had.said my girlfriend. Did she add me back.on my girlfriend. Lease. Soon. My.girlfriend. said no.she.didn't. Want. because. They I'm.a.bad.person. or.something. soon my.girlfriend. renew. the. Lady.kept. asking. My.girlfriend. is.she sure. She.didn't want to add me back. On her. Lease. My girlfriend. Said. She should. Listen. To the lady.the landlord. Had.doing. I'll. Application. she. Dined. Girlfriend. Application. And. The. Lady. Who. Was doing. My girlfriend. Application. she.was.sorry. for. What. The. Landlord. Had. Did. denying.her.application. my.girlfriend. she. Just. Cry. And.cry. so i ask.there. help.out there.the landlord. her like. The landlord. Do i know like. Me so many out here in my how the. Landlord. Is. How much. Dirt .they have. On. Her. The landlord. It's. To deep. To write.every thing. It got. Something. To do. With. The same police. I didn't. Know. The police. Who. Watch. I'll apt. Can. Talk to the police. Messing around. With. That's a another. Chapter. What rights. Do i have. As tenant. Renting. Apt. In Jacksonville Florida. Madison woods. Apt.address. 10970. Zip code. 32218.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question.
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