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Kia Sorento 'Global Circuit' 121,000 Klms. Have maintained

Customer Question

Kia Sorento 'Global Circuit' 121,000 Klms.
Have maintained log book services with my local mechanic and after coming back from a caravaning trip had the 120K service done to be told the oil level was so low it did not show on the dip stick & the radiator coolant overflow was empty
The dashboard light did not come on at any time.
About a week after the service about 50% of the oil was lost whilst travelling about 3-5 kilometres from home to the local shopping centre where at the entrance of the centre the sump plug displaced and I drove about 100-150 metres before parking it opposite my mechanics store. They attended and in the carpark put a new plug in the sump and added about 3 litres of oil - All seemed OK but later the engine seized and I now need a new engine.
I blame the mechanics for the sump plug failure - On inspection they say the sump has 'considerable sludge in it ' with high levels of "metal shards in the oil" and signs of burning on the bottom of the block.(??)
They say it is unlikely that the sump plug issue ie short time & distance travelled caused the motor to seize - The sludge & metal filings indicate an extended period of travel & time that the engine had been starved of oil.
There was no oil stains arround the sump plug at service so it was not replaced and it did take a week or so before there was an oil stain in my driveway.
I think they are liable for the problems & full cost of replacing a motor $ 6500 but they do not agree.
What do you think ?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Gary replied 10 months ago.

All engines will sludge up to some extent these days, depends on many factors.

Your mechanic believes sludge and metallic is not related to his work.

I think that the catastrophic loss of oil caused the high metallic particles.

For the engine to have an oil change, and then have a failure like this can only be attributed to oil starvation.

Strange that the oil pressure warning lamp did not come on to warn you.

There is just no excuse for leaving a sump plug loose, period.

Small claims court is your next action.


Expert:  Gary replied 10 months ago.

Hi Brian,

I hope my advice has been of assistance to you.

Kind regards


Expert:  Gary replied 9 months ago.

Hi Brian,

Have you made any progress with your problem?