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Kia Sportage 2006 Sportage , p0700 and p0741 code - torque

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2006 Sportage , p0700 and p0741 code - torque converter? Shifting fine, light comes on (I reset to confirm) when going from long straight on highway to climb grade. How much to repair/replace solenoid and or TC or other recommendations/ideas

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Hello, my name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you with your question

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can you tell if the vehicle is actually going into overdrive or the last gear when out on open road?


It is on the highway, at about 70 miles per hour, so I think it's in overdrive. The RPMS are at about 3000 at that speed on straight and level highway.

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3000 sounds high at cruise speed. the 741 code refers to the TCC is not locking up. I suspect the TCC is not locking. You should be around 2200 +/- at cruise in TCC lockup. Let me gather some info and send to you shortly

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When was last fluid change/flush for the trans


Hmm, not really sure, though I think - maybe a year ago. I just went in to do an oil change today - they did a general inspection - didn't say anything negative about the transmission fluid level (not sure if they actually looked at the condition of it)

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Ok, the 700 code is just trans problem noted. the 741 code is direct code for the TCC control. It sounds like not going into OD. I suspect? the OD solenoid is stuck. the only way to confirm is to view the solenoid activity on scanner. IF it is is not working, the scanner will show this. Changing the solenoid not too bad,, remove pan, remove solenoid from valve body. It solenoid #5. To date? I have not run into a failed Torque converter on the model but.. it can happen. the solenoid more likely. Fluid flush/fill may? free it up but most likely will not. the solenoid varies in price and should be in the $70 range, then fluid, gasket and about 1 hour labor. Nothing compared to cost of the Torque converter where trans must come out. I recommend a shop confirm stuck solenoid OR you can swap it , clear codes and retry

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The 2 pictures will not show. here is formal description of the code

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The TCM (PCM) controls the locking and unlocking of the Torque Converter Clutch (or Damper Clutch), to the input shaft of the transmission, by applying hydraulic pressure. The main purpose of T/C clutch control is to save fuel by decreasing the hydraulic load inside the T/C. The TCM (PCM) outputs duty pulses to control the Damper Clutch Control Solenoid Valve (DCCSV) and hydraulic pressure is applied to the DC according to the DCC duty ratio value. When the duty ratio is high, high pressure is applied and the Damper Clutch is locked. The normal operating range of the Damper Clutch Control duty ratio value is from 30% (unlocked) to 85% (locked).

The TCM (PCM) increases the duty ratio to engage the Damper Clutch by monitoring slip rpms (difference value between engine speed and turbine speed). To decrease the slip of the Damper Clutch, the TCM (PCM) increases the duty ratio by applying more hydraulic pressure. When slip rpm does not drop under specification with 100% duty ratio, the TCM (PCM) determines that the Torque Converter Clutch is stuck OFF and sets this code.



[2.7 GSL]


[2.0 GSL]





  1. Connect Scantool to data link connector (DLC).

  2. Engine "ON".

  3. Select "D RANGE" and drive vehicle.

  4. Monitor the "TORQUE CONVERTER (DAMPER) CLUTCH" parameter on the Scantool.

  5. Are "TCC SOLENOID DUTY and TCC SLIP" within specifications? YES

Fault is intermittent caused by poor contact in the sensor's and/or TCM (PCM)'s connector or was repaired and TCM (PCM) memory was not cleared. Thoroughly check connectors for looseness, poor connection, bending, corrosion, contamination, deterioration or damage. Repair or replace as necessary and go to "Verification Vehicle Repair" procedure.
Go to "Component Inspection" procedure.



  1. Connect Scantool to data link connector (DLC).

  2. Ignition "ON" & Engine "OFF".

  3. Select A/T Solenoid valve Actuator test and Operate Actuator test.

  4. Can you hear operating tone for using TCC SOLENOID VALVE Actuator Testing Function? YES

Replace"TCC SOLENOID VALVE" as necessary and go to "Verification Vehicle Repair" procedure.



  1. Connect Oil pressure gauge to "DA" port.

  2. Ignition "ON" & Engine "OFF".

  3. After connecting Scantool and monitor the "TCC SOLENOID VALVE DUTY" parameter on the Scantool data list.

  4. Select 1st gear and accelerate Engine speed to 2500 rpm.

  5. Measure oil pressure. Specification: approximately 6.1kg/cm2

  6. Is oil pressure value within specification? YES

Repair TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH (REPLACE Torque Converter) as necessary and go to "Verification Vehicle Repair" procedure.
Replace A/T assy (possible to BODY CONTROL VALVE faulty) as necessary and go to "Verification Vehicle Repair" procedure.

After a repair, it is essential to verify that the fault has been corrected.

  1. Connect scan tool and select "Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)" mode.

  2. Using a Scantool, Clear DTC.

  3. Operate the vehicle within DTC Enable conditions in General information.

  4. Are any DTCs present? YES

Go to the applicable troubleshooting procedure.
System performing to specification at this time.



OK, that makes sense, I'll probably have to take it to a shop - I don't have any real capability with cars - ;-( One final question, I have to drive it about 100 more miles today (down the mountain and then back up - it was on the back up yesterday that the Check Engine light came on). Will it hurt it to drive a bit more. No other options unfortunately. Also, on the way up the mountain (4 mile grade) if I put it in lets say 2nd or third (via the manual shift capacity ofthe 2006 kia) would that be advised???

Tracer :

Run the vehicle in drive. You will be just fine. Just will not be going into the 4th gear for Overdrive. the RPM's may be slightly higher but going up hills, the OD is off anyway. Maybe slghtly more gas usage but no harm without OD not kicking in


Cool And thanks. I appreciate the input. First time I did this - and it was worth it. Have a great weekend.

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