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Position the 2 camshafts on the 06 kia rio to get correct timing

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where do i position the 2 camshafts on the 06 kia rio to get correct timing

Hello I will help you with your question,


Have you removed the chain from between the cams or are you installing the belt?


I guess what I need to know is which timing do you need?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I want to set the cam timing. When I set the intake cam with the arrow poiting up i got better luck;However,it was missing . when i did it the way the manual says i got 0 compression on the no 1 piston im quite sure my cams are not in the right spot

The belt/cam/crank timing is set correctly when you bring the crank to the "T" mark on the cover mark and the cam gear is set so that you can see the mark on the head through the hole in the cam gear. The arrow has nothing to do with the timing


See the diagram below for the marks


Click here


You haven't had the cams out or taken the chain between them off?





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
im sorry i misunderstood your prio question. yes I did remove both cams and failed to take note where the cams were in relation the tdc for piston no 1. now i have no idea where they should be placed

Oh OK,


Click here


Let me know if this clears it up for you and please ask any quesztions you may have about how to get this timed. Put the crank 90 degrees off its mark until you get the cams in time and that way you don't have to worroy about any piston to valve contact. Make the last thing you do before you put the belt on moving the vrank to its mark in a clockwise direction.





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I set the cams that same way< i have the same manual u are using however i did not crank the mark an the crankshaft off 90 degrees and i get no luck. when i put the arrow on the intake cam at the 12 oclock position it ran but with a miss

Did the valves kiss the pistons?


Have you done a compression check?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes and since I put it back together i only get good compression when the arrow poinys straight up on the intake cam. when i point the ex and int cam lobes toward one another i get 0 lbs compression.

I am not sure what arrow you are seeing, the hole in the cam gear goes straight up and you look through the hole at the mark on the head to have the cam in time. Once you set the chain as shown in the procedure the two cams a re in time with each other so the only mark is the cam, once you put the cam gear hole on the mark on the head you move the crank to its mark (dot on gear and mark on front cover) and everything is in time. Take the slack in the belt on the side opposite the tensioner and everything should be correct.





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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i did all that and still no luck. i dont know.

Then you are going to have to see which cylinder is missing and if the miss is ignition or fuel/air mix. If you have all the marks on then the engine is in time so you have to move on to something else


Spark plugs may have been damaged or a coil may not be firing correctly.


Have you pulled codes? Is the check engine light on?