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My 2006 Grand Cherokee all of a sudden doesnt recognize

Customer Question

My 2006 Grand Cherokee all of a sudden doesnt recognize either key and shows the invalid key message and after several starting attempts and engine automatic shutdowns it wont even let the starter try to start the engine. The vehicle has an ignition switch recall on it and I have been waiting for the recall work for over a year. Everytime I check with dealer they say still waiting on parts from Chrysler and you are still on wait list...isn't the key reader part of the ignition switch component?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Jon replied 1 year ago.

Hi, the P41 recall is not related to the issue you're having. That is for the ignition switch and lock cylinder. It doesn't involve the SKIM module that reads the chip in the key. It will start and stall about 8 times then won't even crank if it sees the key as invalid. The first step would be to try another key if you have a spare, if not, then try having the key you have reprogrammed. Sometimes it will work and sometimes the keys just go bad. If they can't even reprogram a new key, then you will need a new SKIM module. This would need to be done at a dealer or shop with a scan tool that can access the SKIM module. Some locksmiths also have the scanners to access the SKIM module too.

Expert:  Jon replied 1 year ago.

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