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about 6 wks. ago i changed the thermostat in my 2001 jeep cherokee

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about 6 wks. ago i changed the thermostat in my 2001 jeep cherokee to 180deg. from 192deg, because i live in houston tx, & i didn't like that it was always operating near 210deg. i also changed the spark plugs to bosch platinum +3. since then my gas mileage has dropped to less than 15mpg & the operating temp. has become erratic & goes over 210deg. when stopprd in traffic.
I would replace the spark plugs with Champion rc12ecc, the oem plugs. We have not had good results using the Bosch brand. As far as the cooling system, running at 210 is not a problem. Using a lower temp thermostat will not make the engine run cooler, it will just cause it to take longer to reach operating temperature,this can cause a drop in fuel mileage.I would put back a 192 degree thermostat. If you feel you are having a problem when stopped in traffic check for debris that may be restricting air flow through the AC condenser and radiator. Cleaning this area using a garden hose and brush often cures this type problem.
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