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joe moore
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jeep: quit engine light comes..comes back

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What would cause my gas gage and temp gage to quit working and stall the engine. Then it will not start right up as no engine light comes on when the key is turned on no fule gage or temp. Let it sit for a while then everything comes back on and the jeep starts right up.
hi, I suspect your problem is one of two things, one,: the crank position is faulty and when it gets hot, its causing an open connection thus interrupting the signal the the engine control module in turn causing the engine to shut down, once the sensor cools off, it then allows the circuit to close again and allows communication with the ecm once again, it will keep doing this until eventually the car will not start at all or the cooling time will get longer and longer in between. second possibility is the engine coolant temperature sensor, same thing it may have become faulty and causing an open circuit when it gets too hot, and the ecm tries to protect the engine from any further damage by shutting the engine down. these two sensors may or may not cause a check engine light as they are not directly associated with emissions.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My temp gage runs about 190 and no over heating light come on. What I have been hearing is it should be around 210. My gage has never been more than 190. Also when I run the A/C i notice that my cooling fan dont aways come on. The car stalled yesterday and when it cooled off it started about a block from my house. I turn the A/C on in the drive way and looked to see if the fan was on and it was not. The temp was still at about 190 but not to long after I turn the A/C on the engine stalled again with no fule gage or temp gage and would crank but no start. I notice that the engine light has to come on at the same time the key is turn on then the gages come up and it starts right up. Sorry for the long e-mail. I was getting ready to change out the coolin fan relay think that was what was causing the gages to quit. But it may be the temp sensor as I have not seen 210 on my temp gage. Thanks again
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Are you there?
yes, you are on the right track with the fans not coming on when you turn the a/c on, I would too change the a/c fan relay. however, I would have hard wired the fans directly to the battery to see if the fans are any good. if the temp should be 210, then you may have a bad thermostat or the thermostat that you have is not rated at 210. it is probably a 190/195 thermostat. so you could change that too to be safe.