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2003 Jeep Liberty: emergency brake..back together..rpms..we adjust it

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My 2003 Jeep Liberty emergency brake will not hold. We have taken the entire system apart and put it back together, but it still will not hold over 800 rpms. How can we adjust it to hold? Does the allen wrench adjustment have anything to do with this?
Do you have rear disc or drum brakes?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Rear disc
  1. Be sure parking brake lever is fully released.
  2. Raise vehicle so rear wheels can be rotated freely.
  3. Remove plug from each access hole in brake support plates.
  4. Loosen parking brake cable adjustment nut until there is slack in front cable.
  5. Insert adjusting tool through support plate access hole and engage tool in teeth of adjusting screw star wheel (Brake Adjustment).
  6. Rotate adjuster screw star wheel (move tool handle upward) until slight drag can be felt when wheel is rotated.
  7. Push and hold adjuster lever away from star wheel with thin screwdriver.
  8. Back off adjuster screw star wheel until brake drag is eliminated.
  9. Repeat adjustment at opposite wheel. Be sure adjustment is equal at both wheels.
  10. Install support plate access hole plugs.
  11. Adjust parking brake cable and lower vehicle.
  12. Apply park brake hand lever and make sure park brakes hold the vehicle stationary.
  13. Release park brake hand lever.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Brake adjustment link does not connect - what is this?
That is the picture I posted at the bottom of the post.
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