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1999 Jeep cherokee sport: occasionally..restart..acts..fuel injection

Resolved Question:

1999 Jeep Cherekee Sport (6 cylinder) just stops running while driving, occasionally, as if you had shut it off. When trying to restart, acts as if not all cylinders have spark or fuel, or fuel injection is flooding some of them? If you come back 1-3 hours later, it will start as if nothing ever happened. Replaced crank sensor and coil. Fuel pump replaced 3 yrs ago. Has happened when just starting out, or driving for an hour.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  ND-TECH replied 6 years ago.
Hi, you will need to inspect the engine harness where it wraps around the back of the engine for any signs of rubbing, breaks in the wires or pinching. This is the most common problem for a die out like you are having. I have seen the injector wires in that part of the engine harness rub through and short out causing a die out. Also is there a check engine light on at all? And when this happens do all the dash lights come on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Check engine light never comes on. A frayed harness would not likely be so infrequent do you think? The engine goes from working 100% properly to coughing and sputtering, and then back again. Also, do you think waiting 15 minutes to 3 hours would adjust anything in the fraying that would right itself to the engine starting again like there is no issue? I was wondering if possibly the fuel sock on the pump or something in the tank is a more likely culprit?
Expert:  ND-TECH replied 6 years ago.

It is very rare that it is something with the fuel or the sock in the tank. this would be an constant problem not and intermittent. Yes the wiring could and will cause it to be random. It just all depends on the vibration, engine movement, heat soak. If the wires are frayed but still have a strained or two hold them together they will carry current find for awhile. Then once a load is on them for awhile the ability of the wire to carry the current is less and it will start to case problem. The wiring is actually a tech assistance case i found. Which means it is happening frequent enough for chrysler to make a case about it to aid techs in diagnosing it so they dont chase things down like fuel and other things. Here is the actuall case


Case Number999922780
Vehicle IssueDies while driving Dies Under Acceleration Dies while turning | Inspect the wiring harness, located at the rear of the engine compartment, to verify if it was damaged from rubbing on the fuel injector rail;Verify vehicle complaint. If the vehicle experiences an intermittent , un-explained, dieout, review the below recommendation.
System or ComponentEngine Performance,Die out / Stall;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Group 18 - Vehicle Performance / Driveability;1st Gear
RecommendationInspect the wiring harness, located at the rear of the engine compartment, to verify if it was damaged from rubbing on the fuel injector rail A no start or driveability concern may occur if the wiring harness insulation is damaged from rubbing on the fuel injector rail located at the rear of the engine compartment.
Modification Date10/21/04 8:33 AM

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