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I met a woman from the philippines through a dating site. we

Customer Question

i met a woman from the philippines through a dating site. we have been chatting daily for about 2 weeks. We never met in person, only through Skype video chatting. We are agreed that she would apply for visa and come to live with me for 90 days and if we are getting on very well after 3 months we wish to marry, and have her stay on as my wife, rather than her having to return to the Philippines. She also has 2 children under 4, who will live with her grandparents in the Philippines while she is in Ireland with me. When we settle she plans to bring them over to live with us in Ireland permanent. The father of her kids, a philippine national has never taken any responsibility for the children and split up from mother over 4 years. Regarding visa, how should we approach this? If i am a sponsor for her how much money must I have in bank? I'm unemployed.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 11 months ago.
1. You need to be in a relationship for two years before you will get a visa for a woman to come from the Philippines to live and work with you in Ireland. Otherwise, you are limited to obtaining a visitor's visa for her to come and visit you. Additionally, you should consider getting married in the Philippines in you are considering this option, as once you are married, you can then obtain a permanent five year visa for her to come and live and work with you in Ireland. Additionally, once you are married, her two children will be able to come and join her in Ireland. However, the father of the children, will not be allowed to come. However, for the moment, you can apply for a visitor's visa for her.
Expert:  Buachaill replied 11 months ago.
2. In obtaining a visitor's visa, the important point is not what money you have but whether this woman will actually in fact, return to the Philippines upon the expiry of her visa. She must show substantial contacts with the Philippines, such as her children living there and her family, in order to get her visitor's visa. She must also show sufficient money in a bank account to be able to support herself whilst in Ireland. This is her money, and not yours. It would also be helpful If you could show she had a place to stay during her period in Ireland on the visitor's visa. Go to, the website of the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service to obtain the application forms for a visitor's visa.
Expert:  Buachaill replied 11 months ago.
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