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life insurance proceeds with no named beneficiaries

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Do life insurance policy proceeds with no named beneficiaries become part of the estate? My aunt died leaving her US investments to her US relations. She died with 2 life insurance polices with no named beneficiaries. Would the proceeds from the life insurance fall outside the estate?

Yes, they would form part of her estate. Only policies nominated beneficiaries fall outside the estate. If she has a will and these are unnominated policies are not mentioned they fall into the residue of the estate and are dealt with either by a residuary clause in the will or if same isn't contained in the will by way of intestacy
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The will state that monies invested in America are left to my American nephew and nieces. Would the proceeds from the American life insurance polices going into the estate flow to the American heirs or do they remain in the residue? The residue beneficiaries are the Irish nephews and nieces

If this is how it is phrased then unfortunately its been very poorly drafted and is open to challenge on the grounds of uncertainty. They're for a number of reason
1. What qualifies as an investment? Probably arguable that a life assurance policy does
2. What qualifies as American ie, American companies not based in America American Citizen, living in America, Illegally living in America

Notwithstanding this, on the face of it, it would appear to suggest that it was intended to go to the American Nephews and Nieces.
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