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William Herren
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Category: Industrial Equipment
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Experience:  Mechanic at HERREN INDUSTRIAL GROUP
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I need help tracking down hydraulic problems on a bobcat 863

Customer Question

I need help tracking down hydraulic problems on a bobcat 863 c series I think it is a high flow. I have all the electronic solenoid jumped except the 10 volt ones and I need someone to instruct me through some fluid direction problems that I have. The drive motors do not make any noise no whining and doesn't even try to move. All of the original wiring is gone this is strictly a hydraulic problem. Also the lift arms and the bucket work fine. Thanks ,Jake
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Industrial Equipment
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I already know of the safety concerns. I have temporary safety's in place. I have a fair amount of experience with hydraulic systems and troubleshooting I feel that this is not an impossible problem to figure out for someone that is a professional to assist me.
Expert:  William Herren replied 3 months ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will be glad to help. Can u please state ur complaint so I have accurate info.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Ok I have just acquired a bobcat 863 c series high flow machine . The original wiring harness is gone, I bought it like that. I am rewiring only the necessities so that when I am done the necessary solenoids will be worked from aftermarket switches. I have had good success with this in the past. The problem that I have rite now is that I cannot get the machine to move or even the drive motors or the hydros to make any noise or any response at all. I have put 12 volts and ground to all of the solenoids except the two on top of the main valve body, they have a tag on them that say (10 volts to proportion valve only) . The reason that I did not put juice to them is that I thought they were used for auxiliary. I could be wrong? So to make a long story short. I need to troubleshoot why the lift arms work and the drive doesn't. The way that I see it is that even if the hydrostatic drive pumps were bad they would still try to drive somewhat, or make noise ,or one side or the other would still work somewhat. Also I would expect to find metal shavings in the filter if there is some kind of major problem.

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