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COS from home country after approval from USCIS

Customer Question

COS from home country after approval from USCIS
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Expert James replied 9 months ago.
Hello! Thank you for using Just Answer. I am James. I will be assisting you. As we work through your questions, think about this as a conversation. I will ask you questions until I have the information I need, and then I will provide you with an answer. Don’t worry - it might take some time, but we will get through it together. I do not see a question here. What is the question?And please provide specifics about the status, etc.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I have started my masters in fall 2015 with L2 visa. I have applied for F1 COS and got an approved letter - but the COS will be valid from sep 2016
I would want to go to my home country and convert my visa to f1. My university suggested me the following options and risks:
1. Go to home country now & apply for fresh visa ( COS gets cancelled)
Adv: If visa is accepted , I could back to US on F1 student.
Dis: The advisors in my university told me I could be subject to administrative processing which could go beyond 3 months ( because I already applied and got an approval for COS f1 status) . However I need to report to university by Sep 1 or will be terminated.
1. What are the pros &cons of applying for F1 visa after approval of COS and before start date of F1 status.
2.Generally on what reasons are people subjected to administrative processing?
Option 2. Continue staying in the country and my status would be active from September 1. And i could go in dec vacation.
Doubt:By the end of dec- I would have only 1 course left.From what i read the chances of rejection are higher as the course list gets lesser.
Also my L2 visa would expire in apr 2017.What option should i go for?
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
hello... any reply on this?

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