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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Immigration Law
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Experience:  Private practice in several areas, including immigration
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We are in the last leg I 751 Removal of Conditions -I am the

Customer Question

we are in the last leg I 751 Removal of Conditions -I am the Petitioner Spouse of a CR1 Syrian Beneficiary We have Are of a considerable Age difference Which I believe Has Delayed The Removal of his Conditions -I the Petitioner Have Done the Whole Immigration Without an Attorney So Far and Through the Process They Have Lost Our Papers Which Were Refiled ^ times through the #-file Nightmare- We have Both Senate and House Liaisons That are at a Standstill We are now Being Scheduled for an Interview Of Which We No Nothing Time or Place Our Liaison Said it Will Be Charlotte That Is Some 6 Hrs Driving For Us In a Busy City I am In the Process of Going Blind So Bad I am now Learning Braile- My Husband Has Been In the States 3 years Now -He Came With an Adjusted Status That we Accomplished While He was In Amman Jordan For 7 Months Awaiting His Embassy Appt -So He Has His Driver License and Does Well In Local Driving But Charlotte is Huge And We Don't Know The City We Are Suffering This Whole Way - They Have Been Making Us Send More And More Evidence Of Bona-fides To This Marriage Never Having Enough We Have 15 Sworn affidavits Of Witnesses on their files and have 7 more Witness Statements Including Our Bank President to Accompany Us Now-2 Years Jointly Filed Taxes 2 Vehicles jointly Owned -Insurance Joint Bank Accounts Joint and Credit Cards Jointly Held We Cannot Continue Making Debt To Appease These People -It Seems Never To Be Enough I Believe It Is Our Age Difference That is Not Being Said To Us But From Responses It Unmistakenly Is - We Have However Been Married Nearing 4 years Now 1 Year Of Our Marriage We Were Kept Apart Gue To My Blindness They Agreed To Expedite But It Never Really Happened The Ambassador To Syria Relocated Due To Civil unrest Was In Jordan He Agreed To Our Liaison Shelly Townley At The Time He Would Expedite But Then Turned My Husband Out To Wait Longer While I Struggled From Home Paying 2 Persons Complete Living Expenses It was Outrageously Expensive A Hideously Bad Apartment In The Alnafe Bldg No !6 Cost 15oo Per Mo With No Heat Or Hot water No Cooking Or Refrigerator He Contracted Pneumonia As He Came In August and It Was Mar Of The Following Year Before He arrived in The states The Embassy staff Was Mostly Jordanian They Were Rude Beyond Belief -ItSo Much So It Brought My Very Masculine Husband To Tears- It Cost Me Some 2000 Dollars To Call The Embassy And Insist They Keep Their Word AWFUL AWFUL - Is The Word Now After Paying taxes 3 Years -SSno# ***** Losing 2 Manaderial Positions Due To The Delay of His Removal Of conditions With His 1 Year Extenstion Due To Expire Again Causing Us a*****To Get Another Year Extension By Info Pass In Atlanta Ga For a Procedure Paid For By Us That was Supposed To Take 6 Months And Has Overreached 2 Extension Time Frames - I am Finally To Be Convinced We Must Have Counsel At The Interview To Maintain We are Not To Have Our Civil Rights Violated Further By This Neanderthal Immigration Process - If This Is How My Husband and an American Born Citizen are Treated God Have Mercy On Immigrants Both From other Countries I Might Add My Husband Speaks Fluent English -is well respected in our Community and is Converted To Christian So That Throws out Islamophobes - He came From a Small Minority Non-Violent Sect Of Muslims By The Name Of Ismaeli Well Received In America To Begin With -Now He Is Christian And Lives and Represents Those Values Impeccably he has never in This Country Or His Own had ANY Altercation With The Law Is a Respectful Man Both Of Himself and Towards Others We are Exhausted and Penniless We Will Be Paying for This Nightmare For The Rest Of Our Lives and Whether Or Not They Grant Him The removal Of His Conditions We are Going To Remain Married They Will Have to Remove Me as Well To Syria The Country Of Origin Where His Family Including Children are Trapped Between Rebels- Regime- ISIS-islam army They are Starving There No Heat No Food No Light and No way To escape - My Husband Is Increasingly Falling into Depression While They Consume Every Penny we Make To Provide Their Requests - I am Mortified By The Immigration Process Itself as is It is Mean't To Immigrate Only the Extremely wealthy and To Tire Out the rest Exhausting Them Financially and Mentally and Physically - If It Were not Fotr Our Faith In God we Would Not Have Survived Thus Far -Thankyou Sincerely ***** ***** The 2500th Time I Implore Someone To Have Compassion On Us -I Thankyou For This Consideration and Your Time To Read Our Dillema Sincerely ***** ***** & Carrie A XXXX
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Jen Marie, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello Carrie:

My name is ***** ***** I will be the immigration attorney helping you today. I'm so sorry to hear that all this has happened to you. Hopefully you are nearing the end of this night mare. I would like to help in any way that I can. Please tell me what is your specific question regarding all this that I can answer for you.