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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
Satisfied Customers: 28676
Experience:  34 years as practicing immigration attorney, with non-immigrant and immigrant visa experience.
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Judith, how do you renew the E2 Investor Visa? Ours is

Customer Question

Hi Judith, how do you renew the E2 Investor Visa? Ours is valid until Sept 2016 but the I 94 now is valid until June 2017, but obviously the visa still needs to be renewed. I cannot find out anything online, it just says each time you leave the country
you are issued another two years on entry. Which is fine, but the visa still runs out! Can you assist?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.
To renew your visa if you need to travel outside the US after Sept 2016 you need to either extend your E2 visa through the US embassy in your country. Visas stamps are not issued by the USCIS but only by the US Embassy. You have to file the DS-160 and the E visa supplement exactly the same way you file originally.It is almost like starting from scratch. You have to provide your business plan, copies of licenses, financial information, including copies of tax returns and payroll unemployment filings which show the list of all your employees and withholdings.If you leave the US and return before Sept 2016 expiration date you can put off this visa application because you will get a new I-94 at entry for an additional 2 years. But that holds the family hostage. If your spouse or child wants to travel, you have to renew your visa in order for them to get theirs renewed because you re the primary.So, there is no easy way, it should be planned well in advance and be sure to read the current instructions for E visa filing at your S Embassy because procedures change and that means the amount of time you have to plan on being in your country can change. Some Embassies allow you to file from the US in advance because review can take up to 5 weeks and then the embassy will schedule your visa interview appointment. Other countries have different procedures and time tables.I see this is the first time you are using JA and I am eager to make this a positive experience for you. Please ask follow-up questions if my answer is not clear.Of course, I am sure you understand your positive rating is very important to me as we are not on salary and that is how we receive compensation, you choosing a smiley face, but more importantly, I want you to come back to the site for all your answers from over a 100 categories of experts!In the future, you may begin your questions with “FOR JUDITH” and I will be your personal immigration expert.Judith
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. Can you apply for an E2 or EB5 through another company owned by us whilst on the E2?
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.
I am travelling and therefore my answer is brief but to the point.For a new company you have to file a new petition or a new visa application as an entirely new process.If you invest the $1 Million in a new business or existing enterprise (not the old E2 business, none of that counts) or $500 in a Regional Center or Targeted Employment area you can file the EB5 while on the E2.Judith
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
So you file a completely new visa application, no change of status or anything. You just file the EB5 whilst the E2 is still valid? So when the EB5 is being processed you can still travel in and out of the US on the valid E2 correct?
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.
At airport getting ready to board.EB5 is a petition. You cannot file for a adjustment of status to conditional resident until it is approved.Processing times run about 4-6 months.You have to stay in EB2 status with current visa to file adjustment of status when EB5 is approved.You can travel but the E2 requires an intent to return to your country when that visa status ends so if there is an EB5 pending you could be refused entry.Would not be advisable to travel until petition approved and you file adjustment of status and request advance parole. That takes 90 days after filing.This is way off original question and should have been new question thread.If you need additional information on EB5 please post new thread. ThanksJudith
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 1 year ago.
May I answer anything additional for you to earn your satisfaction. I strive to give good customer service and comprehensive answers. I feel I have failed you. Please tell me what additional information would be helpful.Judith

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