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I have a reentry permit for my green card which will expire

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I have a reentry permit for my green card which will expire on Sept 25, 2013. I am planning to travel to the US on August 27, 2013. Can i enter the uS on a travel waiver or should I us my reentry permit?
If I sign up for a tourist waiver will I lose my green card automatically?
Thank you for your question. With a valid reentry permit, you should use your reentry permit. If you were to use a visitor visa to enter the United States, you may unwittingly subject yourself to a charge that you have abandoned your lawful permanent resident status.

It is much less riskier simply using a valid reentry permit. If you are denied for any reason which is unlikely, you can always apply for a visitor visa but the primary concern is that you do not risk losing your green card or you would be required to start the entire green card process again.

Yes, you should definitely renew your reentry permit while you are in the United States for your the upcoming year abroad in Germany.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your quick answer. I just have a few more questions:


1. In worst case, when they take away my green card even I do have a valid reentry permit, can I apply for a visitor visa when I am already at the passport control in the US? Or can they sent me back to Germany?


2. I am traveling with my son, he is American citizen, however his US passport is expired. Therefore i signed him up with a travel waiver and I am planning to use his German passport when entering the US. Will this make my entry to the US with the US reentry permit more difficult?


Thanks a lot for your answer

1) In the unlikely event that your green card is taken, you could request temporary parole into the United States to appear before an immigration judge to contest the removal of your green card. You would not be eligible to apply for a visitor visa at passport control because all US Customs does is allow or deny entry into the United States.

2)It would probably not make his entry more difficult necessarily but it would probably be easier to simply renew his passport at the nearest US Consulate in Germany because as a US citizen, he always has the right to enter the United States.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Unfortunately I do not have time anymore to go to the nearest US Consulate to renew my sons passport. I was planning to do this in the US.


When I show my valid reentry permit, do they still ask me if i have a bank account in the US, when I plan to travel back to Germany etc.....

If they take away my green card and I have to request temporary parole into the US, can I still fly to my final destination, which is California and not Atlanta. Atlanta is the first US airport on which i have to transit, can I go to California or i am stuck in Atlanta?

I understand. Although it is very unlikely that you will have any issue entering the United States, it is possible that the officer would ask you questions about your US bank account, US address, employment situation, close relatives in the United States.

If you were temporarily paroled into the United States, you would not be restricted as to your travels within the United States.

Nevertheless, the most likely scenario is that the officer will allow you in to the United States without any issue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much.


My last question. If I would give up my greencard, because in the very unlikely situation, the passport control does not allow me to enter the US. What is the official process to give up the greencard. Can I just tell the US passport controller that I give up my greencard because i just want to be able to travel as a tourist and have no issues entering the US.

Will I have issues, when I tell the passport controller that I give up my green card? Will I be charged with a high fee?


Please do not misunderstand, I am very glad to have the greencard. However I would also enjoy travelling without issues.

If your green card is taken, there is not really a formal process other the officer would ask you to sign a document essentially agreeing that you are waiving the right to challenge the officer's decision about your lawful permanent resident status.

No, US Customs will not charge a higher fee or create an issue with respect to you surrendering your green card but you would only be temporarily paroled if you were to challenge the decision. Without a visitor visa or a green card, you would not have the proper documentation to enter the United States.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am traveling with my little son and I do not want him to be temporarily paroled.

What happens if I sign up for the visitor waiver and give my greencard to the passport controller voluntarly , entering the US.


Do I get charged with a fee, do I have any issues?

You could do that but there are many people that have surrendered his or her green card because they did not believe that would need to maintain their green card only to realize later that it would have been a good idea to keep the green card so it seems to be somewhat extreme especially when you will most likely be allowed to enter without any issue. Surrendering your green card will only impact you but would not result in any additional fees.
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