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I saw on the news a man crying about how the immigration refuses

Customer Question

I saw on the news a man crying about how the immigration refuses to accept his application that he was applying for his resident permanent they decline it because he was overweight that's the first time for me to hear that and I think that is not fair. for me they are racist they not treated everyone fairly some immigration officer they are just racism and I think its not suppose to be like that, they should kick their bud out of their job! what is your saying?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Expert James replied 3 years ago.

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What is my saying? I say that it is a terrible situation, and it sounds very unfair. I would be very upset. However it doesn't sound like it has anything to do with racism, but instead it has to do with how much of a healthcare and financial burden this person might be on the government.


Yes, it is a terrible situation. and it sounds very unfair. But unfortunately, the issue is one of the policy and procedures of the immigration service. Most countries make immigration decisions taking into consideration how much of a burden the applicant will be on the country. Most of the time, that takes into account something like how much of the health care system a person will require, and if they can afford to pay for it. In some countries where there is medical care for free or at a reduced price by the government, countries don't want to allow people to immigrate who they feel will be a take too much from the medical system or healthcare system, as it is expensive.


Each country has the right to do this. And remember that a person who is not a citizen of that country does not have the right to any immigration benefits.


If a country has a health care system that it feels will be burdened by an immigrant, the country has the right to deny immigration benefits. And as we now know, obesity (being too overweight) is the leading cause of many serious illnesses, which can be a burden on the health care system.


In this US, this is very common, where an alien is likely to become a "public charge," the US will not grant immigration benefits unless the person can show that either he or someone else is willing to take on the financial burden if the person become a public charge of the government.


It's not fair and may not even be right to do it, but unfortunately, each country has the right to make immigration determinations based on their own laws and considerations. And most countries take into consideration if the person is going to use free benefits because of their health conditions. So it isn't the immigration officer's fault, it's the laws and policies of the country that allow the officer to make this decision.


It is terrible and unfair, but it is the country's choice to do it that way.


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