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I am an International Student in a F1 Visa status. I am married

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I am an International Student in a F1 Visa status. I am married and I brought my Wife from my home country to the US in F2 (Dependent Visa) Visa. Now, we have a son born in the US and he is 2 years old. Me and my wife have several disagreements and issues as a result, she left the apartment which we have leased and went to stay with her parents and brother, who own a house.
Now my question is... I do want to divorce with my wife... I have skipped several issues and incident which happened among my wife, me, my family and my wife's family.
My question is, will I be deported back to my country if I get divorced with my wife in the context that she makes false claims that I beat her, I rape her, and I verbally insult and assault her.
At any context, I want to get divorced with her, She does not even stays with me in the same apartment and my son is also with her.
I even want my son to stay with me forever. I do not want my son to stay with her.
By the way, I work legally and make in about 20,000 USD in a year however, my wife does not work and cannot work at all legally.
My few questions?
1. How can I get divorced with my wife without being deported based on my situation which I described above.
2. How can I have my son permanently with me....
3. Do I have to pay for my son's upbringings, if yes, how much? How about paying my wife?
Please help me with goof suggestions
Your second three questions should be asked in the family law category so it would be my suggestion that you resubmit these questions and assign them to a the family law attorney category.

As to question 1, you would not be deported simply based upon divorcing your wife. However, one conviction for any domestic violence incident would result in deportation but a deportation would not be instituted simply based upon your wife's false claims. If you believe that she is capable of making false claims, it would be to your benefit to always have witnesses available when she is around to support your version of the facts for any alleged incidents.
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