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Its me again James from three years ago

Customer Question

its me again James from three years ago hyundai santa fe 2006 transmission issue ended up new transmission rebuild by dealer on 1-25-2013 36536 miles now 4-20-2016 .
Heres are orginal dialog:
60,900 miles transmission is
a.) hunting from 2nd to 3rd.
b.) at times cant find the gear. studdering.
c.) theres a popping sound when i from reverse to drive in first gear. Renacted this in my driveway going forward and backward- seems to happen more with ac.
Was disappointed with some of the overall state they left the car meaning besides the transmission issues having, again, they left several bolts out "yet cosmetic" since they were plastic 10mm shield bolts to the subframe still shows attention to detail. Left the passenger brake line bolt un bolted. the mechanic knocked or tore the wire from the ac clutch compressor which he would not admit to and I had to repair with some shrink wrap tape. The passenger ball joint boot was cut open - possibly not just a wear issue but whats odd is oil driping from the CV axle.
Anyway very discouraged since this is a paid off vehicle I over my 5 year /60,000 warrenty and the 10 year 110,000 comes up this year in nov 2016. I drive this car very gentle and not often -baby it yet so many issues.
Interested in round #2 diagnosing this tranmission issue if it is? so I can have some facts or talking points going into the dealership.
* heres a kicker too the recommended maintenace is the 60,000 timing belt which I read and watched is a heck of job ranging from $299-$800 and if you dont do it then hyundai may not grant any further powertran warrenty.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  eauto replied 1 year ago.
so any codes?
Expert:  dianne-cssm replied 1 year ago.
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