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K. Wiggins
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Hyundai Elantra: Driving along and steering becomes very difficult.

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Driving along and steering becomes very difficult. EPS light is on. Mechanic pulled C2400 code and the description for this code says "motor". What does this mean?
Hello, Code C2400 means there is a difference between the motors velocity and torque when compared to the normal value. An intermittent problem like yours can be caused by corroded or loose electrical connections in the system. The fact that after turning the car of and back on and the problem going away would make me lean towards a connector problem verses a bad ESP motor.
The factory troubleshooting procedure for this code is to check all wiring and connectors and if no fault can be found there to replace the column and motor, which can be expensive. My suggestion would be to have your mechanic go over all the wiring and connectors and possibly let him keep the car overnight to see if he can duplicate the problem.
Click here for the factory diagnostic procedure which may be useful for him and for you to see what is involved. While a failure of the EPS motor is alarming you still will be able to steer the vehicle just with a lot more effort.
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