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Hyundai Santa Fe: We have recently purchased a 2001 Hyundai

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We have recently purchased a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe (AWD - 6 cyl) w/ about 139,000 miles.

We've been having trouble with the battery - in that this morning, I purposely left 2 doors open to air out the car (very hot weather) for about 5 - 10 minutes. The doors have lights on them to warn oncoming traffic that a vehicle is there. As a result of this, I could not start the car.

A few weeks ago, when the interior light was left on over night - the battery also died.

Another time it was unable to start after it was started for a few moments and turned off then restarted. AFter waiting for awhile it restarted - then I drove it for awhile to recharge the battery.

I'm wondering is it appropriate to change the battery or might it be something else?

Also - the radio in the car has some sort of short that causes it to turn on and off unexpectedly. I was told that I should replace the radio for about $300 - which I can't afford to do - but I know I can get one for far less money installed.

Before I change the radio - I want to make sure it's just that and not related to a problem with the electrical system. Can't afford to throw money down the drain - been unemployed for 5 years.
Hello and thank you for your question today!
It sounds like the battery is weak. You could have a parts store like Autozone test the battery for you and that way you would be 100% sure. They will do this at no charge for you.From here it does sound like the battery is just old and tired.
The radio is not a likely factor with this at all.
Hope this helps!
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Thank You

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You are very welcome!
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