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Chad DeYoung
Chad DeYoung,
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I Have a honeywell 51130 HEPA air cleaner. THe problem is

Customer Question

i Have a honeywell 51130 HEPA air cleaner . THe problem is the fan does not work. The indicatior light still turns on and the High voltae air ionizer light works , . but the fan does not . I have had the same proble with ceiling fans ... with the square capaitor that had 3 -4 wires of off it.
JA: Did you double-check the thermostat's settings? And what about the filters?
Customer: this unit has a large square capacior, but its stamped with HONEYWELL on it ,so i know they had it specialy made. My question is where do i start to diagnose the probelm to see what componet is bad, Is it even the Motor itself???? next , where do i order the parts to replace them ... which webiste company and part numbers do i use ??? this is a portable unit .. with a squirll cage fan and HEPA cylinder filer element
JA: Do you plan on doing the work yourself?
Customer: y
JA: Anything else we should know to help you best?
Customer: yes,,,i do and can check the model number, you will need a wire diagram to help you
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

Thank you for your question do you have a volt meter or a way to verify that the fan motor is getting power from the speed control. if so you will need to check the motor to see if it is getting voltage from the controller to operate. if the motor is getting voltage to run from the speed control and is not running it may be a capacitor. Try to spin the motor by hand with power to it if the motor starts to operate most likely you have a bad capacitor if not and you are getting voltage to the motor then you have a bad motor.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
i do have a fluke DVM , but there are 5 wires in the bundle that go to the motor. 3 from the 3- speed switch to the capacitor and 3 from the cap.i wire bundle to motor . I can check for power on one color of the wire bundle to he motor, by rotating the switch control. THe problem is there is not place to put the probe to metal wire, sicne they are protected by the insulation & i dont have the "needle type " on my do i test the Cap? its really big and a square shape. but most important, i need a part number of it to Order a new one, thats what i contacted & paying for with this inquiry! There is no wire diagram on the web for this Honeywell air filter to outsiders .... only repair tech like yourself have access to speacial data bases that have this .the 2nd questio is where do i get a cap like this . ? or a motor???
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

You can check capacitance using the NF setting on your meter if it is capable. What is the model of your fluke so I can check if it has the capabilities of checking a capacitor? Also to check voltage on the wire you could use a razor knife and bare a small portion of wire, just make sure you use electrical tape to wrap the wire back up after testing.

Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

Graingers will be able to match either the capacitor or the motor if you have have one were you are located. You could also send me a picture of the motor data label and i could try and locate one for you online or direct ship it to you with a premium service.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
im not at the bench right now , but i will be in a couple hours , can i reply with the FLUKE model then? Im 99% sure it does NOT have capacitance testing .. but ill tell you the model. ITs 25 yrs old , but works great . IM going to get some additinal test leads on ebay now, so ill have the alligator , and needle piercing capability in future . are the hook " variety worthy of owning too?I will take a picture of the sq CAP. as well as the motor, ... what number should i fwd them too??
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

Sounds like your meter will most likely not be able to check capacitance, but you can try and spin the motor while it is trying to run, if the capacitor is the issue the motor will likely start running so watch your fingers. Check it on all 3 speeds you may have lost a speed as well as the capacitor. One last thing I am not sure how much this humidifier costs but unless you really want to fix it, it maybe an option just to replace the whole thing.

But I can try and help you out the best I can from the PC.

We can do a premium service and you can send me your number and I will respond to you with my info.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
i ll check the dry spin of motor shaft while powerd up. You mentioned sending a picture of the motor lablel , do i just fwd to the email address?Grainger is the best online place to get these low hp motors ? your sure ? they carry all different kinds ??
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
will you answer again in an hour ?
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

Grainger stocks or can get just about any motor you need I use them for my company when I have a motor that is not standard. They can cross any motor or you can through their website. If you find the motor or a cross and dont like the price I can certainly see if I can get it cheaper for you. You can just PM me those pics if you would like.

I would say your issue is in the speed control the motor or the cap.

Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

NOTE: I can only get paid for assisting you if you RATE ANSWER the 5 star rating at top of page after you are satisfied with answer.

Let me look on some details, OK?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
hi CHadi found the model of my FLUKE DVM is a 73. I dont think it has capacitance testing ability , .i took some pictures of the motor and will email them , what your email address ?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
i checked the motor by handspinning while i cycled thru switchs ... no luck .. still dead.
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

not the capacitor then, I would definately be suspicious of the motor. If you can check the motor for voltage after the peed control. If you are getting power to the motor and it is not operating then it needs to be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
i already conclueded this ,
I checked with Granger, they do not have a small fractional HP motor for this .. several people on a chat have told me this from Granger.
What i dont know ,i& need help with is , where or which website to look for a new motor ? I have pictures , would you like me to send them to a email address ??
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

just upload your pictures here and I can help you locate one!

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
i attached 3 pictures to this message , let me know if you need more .
Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

You maybe able to match a motor like that up at johnstone supply, but without any numbers I can not do it online. I have exhausted my resources with honeywell also they do not stock those motors for resale. Sorry but I think thats all i can do from here!

Expert:  Chad DeYoung replied 4 months ago.

If you can find some numbers on the motor I maybe able to do more, also if you could please rate me 3 star or above I would appreciate it!

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