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I have a new trane heat pump installed this summer, we made

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I have a new trane heat pump installed this summer, we made modifications to the air handler, did not install the heat strips, instead I took the old core ( forced hot air, water, oil ), and installed it in the new trane air handler. We have everything finally working including the back up but the fan will not come on by itself. It is ran by a new honeywell pro 8000. although the system ( trane HP and air handler ), is new, it is an older model by at least 6 years. Homeowner bought it with intentions of using but never used, moved this summer and I bought it off of them and had a pro install it but doesn't seem to be proficient in getting the back up to work. It will work if I manually turn the fan on. The furnace is a system 2000 with only two wires that control that portion, which seems to work fine, when it reaches desired temp it will turn off. Any ideas ??
JA: Did you double-check the thermostat's settings? And what about the filters?
Customer: The system came with one of those huge filters on the bottom, which had to be installed also. that's working fine and hardly any use on it. Thermostat settings could be the problem. I have looked at that several times. My thought is that it would be trane specific. As the system was set for electric back up heat and I replaced it with the old core. Wiring is not right somewhere ?? my thoughts, or like you said it could be just one setting or wire I am overlooking somewhere.
JA: Do you plan on doing the work yourself?
Customer: I would like to as I like to know how things work in case of emergencies. I do have a call to a trane tech but no one can come till next Monday. The answer id right in front of me, but I can not see it ??
JA: Anything else we should know to help you best?
Customer: Not sure, think I explained it right.

Are you running constant loop for water coil and just shutting fan off and on or do you have a 3 way valve or bypass to close off coil when not heating?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
You have to bare with me as I just know enough to be dangerous to myself. the back up heat furnace, is working just fine, when I turn the fan on manually it will bring the house up to temp and then shut itself off ( the furnace ), I have to manually turn the fan in the handler on and off though. The problem is with those controls somewhere in the thermostat or in the wiring of the air handler. My thought is that the air handler was sent out with electric heat strip set up and I put a heater core in, so it's in the stat or wiring in the handler. Take a look at it his way maybe, The handler and thermostat can handle the aux heat, it's wired that way and set up for this situation, but I am thinking that the aux heat mode is looking for a separate aux heat in the form of a separate furnace ( which works fine when called for, set backs and everything else ), and that this aux heat has it's own fan, but I need the new air handler which can handle this set up to recognize the old furnace ( which it does ), and for this new unit to be able to turn the fan on when called for.

Is the thermostat set for electric heat?

In gas heat the thermostat only turns on the heat portion...the furnace then turns on hydronic, electric etc we nee the thermostat to turn on the blower with a call for heat. This is done either in a menu or a switch on back of thermostat. All thermostats come as default for gas heat, then we must tell it is electric once installed

What is thermostat?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
NO, the thermostat is set for fossil fuel, I meant to mention that as that was the first thing I went to also. The thermostat is a honeywell vision pro wifi 8000, with all kinds of settings. It was set up by a Honeywell certified tech.

so you have heat pump, hot water coil and gas furnace?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
There is one thing I did change that the installer ( who by the way is scratching his head also, but is not familiar with Trane products ), set up. Coming into the handler were two wires from the furnace, red and white. He had the red wire connected to the w2 terminal ( aux heat ), in the handler which goes up to the stat in the W2 connection also, that's it for the furnace connection, just the red wire from the furnace, whit was not connected to anything. It was not working, so after days of researching, I went back to the controls of the old set up which was an air handler also ( just no heat pump, it was a split system), and took the red wire and connected it to the red terminal in the new air handler and the white wire I connected it to the W2 terminal ( aux ), in the new air handler. This worked when I tested it from the thermostat, I just did not leave it on long enough to see if the fan came on, which it doesn"t. I hope you can understand this.

I just need to know your stages..

Is first stage heat pump?

second stage water coil

third stage gas furnace?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
In my research I had read that some with this setup only needed one wire going to the air handler, That was my next move, trying to go with the one wire setup again, only using the white wire from the furnace instead of the red ? which doesn't make sense ( even the way I have it wired now doesn"t make sense), because if I follow the wires over to the furnace, the white seems to be connected to a separate transformer and the red goes into the control board of the system 2000.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
NO, first stage is HP, set to 30 degree shutoff, then it goes to the Aux heat- furnace with core ( hot air ), all in the same air handler.

I thought the air handler had a hot water coil in it for aux?

But you said thermostat was set for fossil fuel?

If the water coil is heated by a boiler....but is controlled by the air handler, it is not set up as fossil fuel

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It does have a coil in it for back up, hot water that is heated by an oil fired furnace, not coming from a holding tank but the water is heated directly by the furnace as needed.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I just checked, the way the thermostat is set up is for aux heat by oil/gas, the only other option is electric.
ok, you still need the unit set for electric heat to bring the blower on for the aux stage....your aux is till electric..blower with the is your 3rd stage that is fossil fuel In the event the first 2 stages did not work..the oil furnace would still kick on, but blower would kick on at the start up.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Sounds sensible, first thing that has made sense in a while. The thermostat has two stages for aux heat, it is set on one now with oil , so your saying I should try and set stage one with electric, then stage two with oil, or just keep things the same and set up Aux for electric and it will automatically go to the third stage?

just set for all electric...that way the absolute worst thing that happens is the blower starts when the oil gun does...but by then you have had 2 stages fail so the odds are low

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I'll give it a try ?? should I change the wires in the air handler ? right now the HP is set for stage one W1, and the oil is set for W2, I have a third spot that is empty W3 ??

I would not change the wires...just the way the thermostat turns the blower on.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
OK, giving it a try ??

just respond back here with any questions

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
OK, just tried it and tested. I had to lockout the compresser at 40 degrees, then I turned the heat up. Walla, the aux heat came on along with the blower !!!! I am thinking the compressor lockout set to 40 degrees stops the HP outside at 40 degrees , also if I were to set the lockout at 30 degrees would the HP try and run at that no matter ( 30 degrees or above ), what or will it know enough that it is laboring and not efficient that the aux will take over? Are there any other settings that you can think of that I should watch out for ? Like the extended fan time of the heat, I am thinking that, that is the time it runs after the furnace turns off, both heat and cool are set for 0 ? Just one more question I have for you on this, (two really). The cycles per hour and wait times on the compressor, I have noticed that when the HP is in heat mode and running, it only runs for 5 minutes then shuts off for 5 minutes, I have seen settings in the thermostat to change this, what are or what is a safe run time and safe downtime for heating and cooling, My old ac ran until it reached the temp set at, we did not have a fancy stat as this one. By the way I just wanted to make sure you know it is a trane 15I heat pump outside and it is huge, so it has a lot of coils. Ok the thermostat just went through and started and stopped in aux mode with the fan running. I can"t thank you enough for this fix, simple, yet so far away from what I was thinking, I never would have got this by myself, I would have been into the wiring and screwed it up more. Now that You have helped me and know my situation, if I have a few more questions, how can I get a hold of you ? I am not the type to be a consistant caller or pain in the ass to someone but where this is being setup and ran in the cold weather and not many ( none ), people in this area seem to know that much about this, if I did have a few more questions I would like to ask someone who knows something and can get results, that is refreshing now a days. Thanks Dennis.

The 30 degree changeover is standard. But with a 15i I would lower that to 25 as the unit is still more efficient at 25 than your back up.

The cycles per hour is a matter of efficiency vs. comfort. A 5 on /off shows a very accurate balance. This keeps a very close band of temp...however it may pay to lengthen that a bit.

As long as you have a 5 min downtime it gives the compressor time to equalize.

If you have any more questions just request me (Billy) in your opening line. If I am not online someone may ask if you choose to wait or wish to begin and at that time you can decide your time frame if you want to wait for me.

I am in the field a lot during the day and do this online during downtimes or breaks..

For now, all you need do is "rate" the service with the 5 start rating system and you can return to the thread anytime you wish.

I thank you,


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