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Airheatman, HVAC Technician
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I have a 3 ton Trane Condenser 4TTA3036B3000AA Serial #

Customer Question

I have a 3 ton Trane Condenser 4TTA3036B3000AA Serial # 14491KY83F. This system uses 410A and was manufactured 12/2014. The condenser cycles on and off every 5 or 10 seconds. The sight glass is clear and when you first start the unit it will run for a few minutes during which time the suction line is cold.The system had been freezing up and about 2 weeks ago a HVAC service person found the pressures low and put in some 410A
Submitted: 1 day ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 1 day ago.

Hello, one minute while I get some information together.

Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 1 day ago.

Hello and thanks for using this service! If you are a JA Member I would like to personally thank you and welcome you back! I am HVAC Guru an extremely experienced tech on the site and I try to get to as many customers as I can. NOTE it takes time for me to type research and add links so please wait for me to respond back I can only do this so fast. Secondly, I do not know your skill level so please try and let me know if I am going beyond your knowledge or comfort zone thanks! I strive for a 5 star rating from everyone especially our JA members.


The unit is likely still very low on gas or possibly has a restriction in the sealed system those are the two things that would cause this issue,

All I ask is please use the Star Rating Link at the top of your page before leaving, that is the only way I am paid anything through the site and that will also get you a DIRECT LINK emailed to you to get back to me! are greatly appreciated so thank you very much for using this service. If you have any other questions just post back to me here anytime!

Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Please give this job to someone else as I previously had a bad experience with you.
Expert:  Airheatman replied 1 day ago.

I will be happy to assist you today. It sounds like one of two things.WE have leaked back down on refrigerant or the metering device in indoor cool is sticking closed. Do you happen to have gauges to see what pressures are doing.

Customer: replied 24 hours ago.
No gauges. Let me see if i can get some. I assume that they are different from automotive-i have a set of those.
Expert:  Airheatman replied 24 hours ago.

Yes they are different.Hoses are different connectors.Let me know if you get them.Here is what we want to do. Connect the gauges before you turn on ac, then as it starts, watch the pressures. We should be running about a 130 suction and high 200s to low 300s head.If both are low, we are low on refrigerant.If head is normal or high and if suction goes to a vacuum the metering device is sticking.

Customer: replied 23 hours ago.
The metering valve is the expansion valve? I will try to buy a set of gauges tomorrow and will get back to you. Thanks for your help!
Expert:  Airheatman replied 23 hours ago.

That is correct.Look forward to helping you figure this out.

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