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I had a out that caused caused my honeywell aquastat on my

Customer Question

I had a brown out that caused caused my honeywell aquastat on my slantfin boiler 100 series to not let power to circ. pump. I replaced taco pump thinking it went bad. The pump worked periodically for a minute then not at all. I then found out ot was the honeywell L8148 control box, mind you the burners were firing fine the whole time. I got a new L8148 labeled my wires removed the old box and couldnt get the bulb sensor out of the copper well housing so i took the housing out. And preceded to try to remove bulb. No dice i damaged the copper on the housing on a saturday with no supply store open. So i Drilled out copper from brass fitting flared a 3/8" i.d. x 6" length copper pipe and seated it thru brass fitting closed and soldered un flared end and soldered flared end to brass fitting. Basically made my own well. Re installed well (which is a little longer and wider than the correct one that i couldnt buy that day) packed with provided grease inserted sensor bulb from back of box, wired control box exactly as the previous one was, repressurized system and flipped the switches. Pump works as it should!! But now the burners wont fire for anything even at 90° therm setting. Everything was done just right theres 120v to L1 L2 C1 C2 but no voltage to boiler. Could it be my makeshift well housing? Are they that sensitive to not let the boiler burner kick on even on a cold system?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Sean replied 9 months ago.

Brown out please explain to see if I'm capable to help you

Expert:  Sean replied 9 months ago.

Bulb sensors are critical...... Damaging them can cause a system to not work.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
but could it cause the boiler to not heat at all? Whatsoever?
Expert:  Sean replied 9 months ago.

Pretty sure, is possible for you to send photo.... Just so I can make sure I know what I'm talking about

Expert:  Sean replied 9 months ago.

Wish we could help you

Expert:  Rick replied 9 months ago.

Do you still need help? It seems my colleague has opted out. Do you have a multi-meter?

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