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I live in a condo that has a built in air temp air

Customer Question

I live in a condo that has a built in air temp air conditioning unit and these condos were built in the 70s , we moved in in July of 2014 and the air was working fine but sometime later it just started blowing warm air. The model number is ***** serial number 7G22151 .. Our neighbors units seem to be working fine... Should I try to add refrigerant? Or is there a way I could replace the compressor or motor for this type since the company no longer exist?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

The system is 40 years old, about double the average life span.

If you have the money, replacement will be a good idea, every aspect of that system is deep into its failure range, any money you spend on it will be a waste longer term.

The compressors and motors however are replaceable, $800 to $1,200 to replace the compressor, $400 to $500 to replace each of the two blower motors. A refrigerant leak repair and refrigerant recharge will cost you $400 to $500 as well if the new R-22a refrigerant is used not the now obsoleted and very costly R-22.

That is way too much money to spend on a 40 year old system in my view.

Let me know the region of the country you are in so that I can assess the load conditions, and size of your condo, and if you are on the top floor, or a floor somewhere in the middle of the building.

Tell me how your system is laid out, a few photo's taken at a distance of 10 or 20 feet will allow me to put it into perspective, I need pictures of the unit outside the house, and the unit inside the house.

Use the paper clip icon to attach the pictures.

We can go from there.

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