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Hi, For my boiler, I was trying to bleed my water pipes.

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For my boiler, I was trying to bleed my water pipes. However, as I was doing it, a lot of steam came out for the exhaust port. I am kind of scared to try to continue bleeding the pipes. A HVAC guy said I could bleed the pipes while the boiler is on, but now I don't want to attempt that. Is that the right reaction to have? Also, did that cause a gas leak (I turned off the gas just in case)?
A lot of steam is not a good sign, and, no that wouldn't have been likely to cause a gas leak. The reaction you've had is right for your situation. you stopped and asked, because what you ran into made you uncomfortable. Kudos for that. Two things tell me you should call a tech. 1.) whether you know all there is to know, or nothing, If your confidence is shaken even slightly, you should call a Technician and have them handle it for you. 2.) the question about the gas leak tells me that you know about your system from the homeowner's perspective, but lack the intricate knowledge a tech would have, which is needed to perform more involved maintenance tasks safely. Improper maintenance of a boiler system can lead to catastrophic results. not only loss of equipment/money, but loss of life. I mean in no way whatsoever to sound as if I'm "scolding" you I applaud you for taking the DIY approach to your home, I just want you to understand the gravity of the situation. Thank you for allowing us to help.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks so much. I will call a tech no problem. I called a technician previously and he showed me how to bleed the pipes (He didn't want to stay because he said it will take a long time and didn't want to stay so he showed me instead). I guess he was just a bad technician. Just curious, do you have ideas on what caused the boiler to steam. I'm thinking there is just too much air in the pipes perhaps?

I won't call any tech anything without knowing the details, but I can tell you that I would NEVER leave a boiler in a customer's hands simply so I wouldn't have to hang around. as far as the steam it could be that the system was very low on water and there was steam in the lines, it could be that while bleeding it, it drained faster than it should have without getting fill water back in fast enough due to the proper valves not being opened/closed, and an "air pocket" formed in the water jacket, which caused water to flash to steam. it could be any of a list of things, just one of those situations where you want a tech there in person with an eye on it s they can assess the danger level of what is happening

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yeah, I noticed that the system was low on water while I was bleeding it I think. Anyway, I will call another technician to check it out. Thanks for the explanations. This helped me greatly.

You're more than welcome. Good luck with your boiler, hopefully it will be as simple as a quick fill and bleed.

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