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I am replacing an old GE HVAC Blower motor Model # XXXXX

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I am replacing an old GE HVAC Blower motor Model # XXXXX with a new marathon Motor. The old motor had the white, red, and green wires hooked up to the relay box. The new motor has white, red, black, brown, yellow, and blue wires coming from it. How do I hook up the new motor.

R G : Hi, I am R. G., sorry you're having trouble today, I will do my best to assist you in resolving you're issue.
R G : Did old motor have a capacitor connected to it?
R G : Can you give me information off data plate on new motor?

Old motor had a capacitor.

R G : Okay it was connected to brown wires?



the new motor say to connect capacitor to two purple wires


the old one was connected to two brown wires

R G : Okay so purples RO capacitor and you have white , red, black,brown, andblue left?
R G : To sorry for typo

the old motors red wire was connected to a large black wire and a smaller red wire

R G : Okay what was white and green connected to on old motor?

I have white, red, black, brown, and blue left


white was connected to two smaller white wires in old motor


green was connected to a smaller black wire in old motor


yellow left too on new motor...sorry

R G : Can you give me model number on new motor?

one second please


it's a Marathon





R G : Okay one minute
R G : Okay one more question o. The old motor green was connected to a black wire does that black wire go to terminal 3 on relay?


R G : Okay on new motor hook purples to capacitor, white to whites, red to red and black , and black to black, then brown, yellow and blue are not used cap them off individually so they do not contact anything



will try


Thank you Sir!

R G : Ok let me know if you need any thing further, and thanks for your patience
R G : Thank you
R G : Please remember to rate answer when satisfied or let me know what else I can help you with
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