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I have a GE gas fired warm air furnace Model 21LG Im having

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I have a GE gas fired warm air furnace Model 21LG I'm having trouble with it the pilot stays lit but the burner goes out I have a fan swith a two red buttons I know the one that says baso is for the pilot but I have a second one by the fan swith with a few wires running into it and if I push it it starts the burner if I push it while the burner is on it shuts the gas off and as soon as I release it it relights Please help?

V12Tech : Hello My name isXXXXX wonder if you could send a pic of the device that cuts the plot off? You mention it relights, you mean mqanually, not automatically correct?
V12Tech : I am thinking you are pushing some limit, however there is nothing offhand I can think of that would kill the pilot as that is completely separate mechanism entirely, as the thermocouple is what holds the pilot on and nothing else is related or connected. I have to believe that is a redundant pilot valve or similar type of pilot proving device as it affects the pilot. What is relevant is the pilot stays on while the burners go off.
V12Tech : How long does the burner operate before it drops out leaving the pilot running?
V12Tech : The fact the pilot runs tells me the gas valve itself is the issue not the pilot, the pilot on is fine and only an issue if it stops .
V12Tech : The pilot is in series with the main valve so if the pilot is on the main burner theoretically will operate, if all parameters are met as safeties,limits etc.
V12Tech : The unit is around 1958 approximately and is really quite simple, this is not to belittle the old GE furnaces as they are in fact my favorite. They were the company that is now TRANE and TRANE is known as the best unit made to many technicians.
V12Tech : The high limit is tripping is my estimation, do you have an AC coil on this furnace?
V12Tech : If so its likely obstructed and requires chemical cleaning, the blower whel blades can fill with dust and not move air well also, My real fear for you isthis unit is going off on limit due to a cracked heat exchanger.
V12Tech : As old as this unit is,has to rule this out.
V12Tech : A CO detector would be highly advised for any home but especially one with an old furnace.
V12Tech : If you bypass the high limit and test the furnace you may seeit runs fine. do not do this for any reason but testing.
V12Tech : I would retrofit this unit if the exchangers not cracked.
V12Tech : Honeywell or Robert Shaw makes excellent easy to install complete retrofit kits with a new ignition module and gas valve ans ignitor/pilot assembly,My last customer boughthis on Ebay an reported back to me it was a simple ans sweet setup and easy to install!
V12Tech : he got his for $149! about the price of a service call in most big cities
V12Tech : Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Retrofit Kit Y8610 F 5003 NIB, NOS, FS !!!! Seller informationazsecurity (292 Feedback Score: 292 ) 100% Positive feedbackSave this seller See other items Item condition:New other (see details)Ended: Dec 28, 2012 14:54:47 PST Quantity:Error icon 0 available / 3 sold Price:US $105.00 Add to list Shipping:FREE Standard Shipping | See details Item location:Springville, Utah, United States Ships to: XXXXX XXXXX: Estimated within 4 business days Payments:PayPal | See details Returns:No returns or exchanges, but item is covered by eBay Buyer Protection- opens in a new window or tab.
V12Tech :$T2eC16RHJGoE9nuQfSSmBQ066URmhQ~~60_12.JPG
V12Tech : the pic did not show up
V12Tech : Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Retrofit Kit Y8610 F 5003 NIB, NOS, FS !!!! See original listing Honeywell-Intermittent-Pilot-Retrofit-Kit-Y8610-F-5003-NIB-NOS-FS Honeywell-Intermittent-Pilot-Retrofit-Kit-Y8610-F-5003-NIB-NOS-FS Item Sold Item condition:New other (see details) Ended: Dec 28, 2012 14:54:47 PST Price:US $105.00 [ 3 sold ] Shipping:FREE Standard Shipping Item location:Springville, Utah, United States Seller:azsecurity (292 Feedback Score: 292 ) | Seller's other items Sell one like this
V12Tech : Here is a retrofit kit for $80 a steal if complete and new!
V12Tech : Please waitImage not available Honeywell Y86H3014 Intermittent Pilot Retrofit Kit Item condition: New Time left: 17 days 16 hours (Jan 18, 2013 12:03:44 PM PST) Price: US $80.00 Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Offer: Make OfferMake OfferMake Offer Watch this item Shipping: FREE shipping Read item description or
V12Tech : Price Time Left NEW IN BOX HONEYWELL Y8610 U 3003 INTERMITTENT PILOT RETROFIT KIT NEW IN BOX HONEYWELL Y8610 U 3003 INTERMITTENT PILOT RETROFIT KIT NewGet fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers $195.00 6d 22h 33m Honeywell intermittent pilot retrofit kit y8610F5003 Honeywell intermittent pilot retrofit kit y8610F5003 New other (see details)
V12Tech : With a new gas valve and ignition module and pilot asembly with ignitor the old furnace will be refurbished!
V12Tech : See my last customers email to me after he bought this and installed it.
V12Tech : V12 TECHThe Honeywell or Robert Shaw Grayson retro fit kits are just the thing for older furnaces with need to be refurbished,very easy to install essentially 7 wires,2 pipes and a new ignitor assembly,an excellent option.Lacking a first name, I'll refer to you as V.Anyway, V, The confidence you express in you email leads me to believe I should move forward with the purchase of the retro kit you describe.Does it require and come with a flame sensor/safety if needed. Sorry about my terminoligy but I'm not a HVAC guy, just real handy with tools and machines.....JACUSTOMER-3xxxxxx2- Kurt here, you helped me locate the Honeywell retro kit for my ailing furnace a few days ago, got the kit on ebay 129.00 and installed today, as you said, Sweet.....Rebuilt/replced all but blower motor, cleaned up the rest, working like a charm....Thanks for all you help....Happy HolidaysJACUSTOMER-
V12Tech : hello
V12Tech : You have a bit to read lol
V12Tech : I was not sure you were coming back with me online
V12Tech : I wanted to try to leave you a good chunk of info
V12Tech : How long does the burner operate before it drops out leaving the pilot running?
V12Tech : The high limit is tripping is my estimation, do you have an AC coil on this furnace?
Customer: There is no ac coil it is just furnace the burn work fine at time then when thermostate kick furnace off it just doesnt come back on
V12Tech : ok
V12Tech : I see
V12Tech : How do you get it to come back on? wait?
Customer: there are three wires two go into the fan swith the third runs to athe second red button then a wire from fan switch runs to the other leg of the button and on the other side is a jumper
Customer: I push the second red button
V12Tech : and do what then?
Customer: after I push the second red button it comes on
Customer: when i release it
V12Tech : The curners? or pilot? and automatically?
V12Tech : burners
Customer: the burner the pilot never goes out
V12Tech : ok thank you this is what I was afraid of
V12Tech : this is the high limit
V12Tech : safety
V12Tech : it is either bad or the furnace has a cracked heat exchanger
V12Tech : Do you have headaches,fatigue etc
Customer: no
V12Tech : I see this often
V12Tech : Thats good!
V12Tech : It may just be the limits bad as it is old!
V12Tech : the pilot not going out is the key
V12Tech : the heat exchanger cant get too hot or it shuts down
V12Tech : When you depress that button does it click
Customer: yes then when I release it the burner comes on
V12Tech : ok
V12Tech : not good on an old furnace be careful
V12Tech : I would get a Co detector for sure!
V12Tech : evenif it is just the limit now
Customer: will get one in the morning
V12Tech : They do go out at any time at this age
V12Tech : I really am glad to hear this
V12Tech : A lady and house guest and her dog were killed in my town as the dog knocked the flue off under the house
V12Tech : the postman found them watching tv dead!
V12Tech : Really sad
V12Tech : silly dog!
Customer: that is really sad
V12Tech : Yes another one I found had leaks from the AC coil and I found a huge crack furnace and the wife had migraines and he had angina
V12Tech : all misdiagnosed being poisond at night
V12Tech : if the AC leak was not serviced they might still be exposed
V12Tech : I would have the utility test it
V12Tech : free
V12Tech : piece ofmind!
Customer: I will get co detecters tomorrow and check the heat exchanger before I replace the high limit
V12Tech : excellent!
V12Tech : the retrofit kits might not be much more on ebay
V12Tech : than a limit
Customer: ok thanks for your help
V12Tech : its 7 wires and 2 pipes
V12Tech : color coded wire harness really easy
V12Tech : usually $300
V12Tech : ebay has them cheap!
Customer: it get the description where you wrote it earlier
V12Tech : Google Honeywell retro fit kit
V12Tech : or Robert Shaw retro fit kit
V12Tech : It essentially will refurbish that furnace
V12Tech : all new!
V12Tech : no conking out for years!
V12Tech : just get the CO detector itmay last 20more years or 2 weeks
V12Tech : Old Ge units are excellent
Customer: ok thanks will get right on it
V12Tech : if you bypass the limit to test
V12Tech : you will know if thelimits nad
V12Tech : but not the crack
V12Tech : ?
V12Tech : need testing for that
V12Tech : orcamera that flexes
V12Tech : gas co will do it
V12Tech : free
Customer: ok will get co detector and then have furnace checked out
V12Tech : excellent
Customer: have a nice evening youve been a big help
V12Tech : thank you
V12Tech and 6 other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you

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