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I have a Bryant furnace in my attic. It is circulating air

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I have a Bryant furnace in my attic. It is circulating air constantly but no heat is coming out. I "reset" the furnace (power, has, ignite switch routine) but still get no heat. I have also changed the filter to the vent on the ceiling (I believe this is the only one, are there more than one?)

I get error code 13 and don't know how to address the limit circuit lockout. All signs point to that being the issue as the fan is running constantly, are there additional manual resets I have to perform
The thermal limit that sticks into the air stream is open here. It mounts on a small board on the wall of the furnace and has 2 wires leading to it. You can remove it and tap on it and it may reset to closed; if it does not then you need another one. If you simply connect the wires together that lead to it and reset the furnace then the blower should stay off as this would prove the problem. DO NOT run the unit with any safety device bypassed for any extended length of time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is this something I can easily pull out and replace? I see the two wires leading to it, can I just pull it out? If I turn back on and it the fan kicks back on again, that means that part is defective? No flame ignites at all, could it be something else?

It is easily removed, so just do as I said to in my reply. Only one step at at a time here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think this worked, let me make sure it stays on, but getting heat again!


Great. Thanks for following directions and your positive feedback is appreciated as that is the only way I get paid for saving you a service call here and getting you heat on a Sunday.
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