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airheatman, HVAC Technician
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Intertherm mobile home furnace is not heating the home. Help

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I have a Nordyne/Intertherm electric furnace in my mobile home. At about 5 this morning, woke up freezing. The blower is working fine, but the air coming out is not heated. It is not cooled air, but not warm and this heater usually heats the house very rapidly. Is this a home repair, or do I need a Hvac repairman?

Thanks very much, "freezing in Alabama"

airheatman :

If you have a volt meter and an amp meter and are able to do some electrical trouble shooting, you could repair. You are going to have to determine if a sequencer providing voltage to the elements is defective or if the elements are burned or exactly where electrical failure is

If you have meters, I will be glad to lead you through troubleshooting

JACUSTOMER-fvzvt3hs- :

I do not have that sort of help today, so I will call a service person. Any idea what a reasonable repair call might run? What kind of prices am I looking at for element or sequencer replacement? Not holding you to anything, just want a ballpark figure so I can know that the pricing is fair. Thanks

airheatman :

What part of Alabama are you in?

JACUSTOMER-fvzvt3hs- :

Southeast corner, close to Troy

airheatman :

Service call will probably run between 65 and 80 bucks. If it is a sequencer, the sequencer should run between 30 and 60 bucks. The sequencer is a most common failure on these units. They may charge half hour of additional labor. So if the problem is a sequencer, look to spend about 100 to 150.

I am in Grand Bay. If we were replacing the sequencer it would run about 120 to 135 depending on the sequencer. I have a competitor 8 miles away that would get about 350 for same thing. So when you call, tell them you suspect the sequencer and would like a ball park estimate. If they quote you in the price range of 100 to 150, that is fair. If they won't give you an idea or if it is over 200, I would call someone else. Because even if the problem turns out to be an element or something else, you know you are dealing with a fair company.

Hope this helps

JACUSTOMER-fvzvt3hs- :

It's a great help!! Do the elements cost a lot for these furnaces?

airheatman :

You probably have either 2 or 3 5KW elements (total of 10 to 15 KW). Each 5KW element runs about 40.00

Usually one element at a time will burn out though

JACUSTOMER-fvzvt3hs- :

OK...that's great info to have...I'll get to work on the phone. Thanks so much, great service!

airheatman :

Each element also has a limit control also. So it could be a bad limit. That is why a meter is necessary

Thanks for allowing me to assist you

airheatman and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you

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